Chile’s Jesuits: “Francis, give us more cardinals and other bishops, so that there is no return after you”

Chile’s Jesuits: “Francis, give us more cardinals and other bishops, so that there is no return after you”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
31 December 2016
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Appeal of the Chilean Jesuits to Pope Francis: “We need more [Bergoglian] cardinals and other bishops, so that there will be no return after you.”

(Santiago de Chile / Rome) Chile’s Jesuits appealed to the Pope to appoint more and more “Bergoglian” cardinals and bishops, so that there would be no return in the time after Francis.

The fact that Pope Francis, unlike the first published opinion, does not enjoy the full approval and enthusiastic support of the clergy and the episcopate, has now come to the bulk of the media. More and more, questions about the quality, usefulness and usefulness of the papal line are being asked. The Wall Street Journal sees in Francis 45 months after the start of his pontificate the new ” leader of the global left “.

Even convinced partygoers of the pope are aware that a critical point has been reached, and that the course pursued by Francis reaches its limits. His closest associates are no longer able to ” war to cover up”, has supported the Francis in the Vatican. It was a “war” of the representatives of the progressive “Council spirit” against orthodox Catholics, as Steve Jalsevac, the founder and director of Life site in late November had horrified at his Rome visit.

The reaction from the attacked and the scolded could not fail. In the past few days there has been a “war against Pope Francis” (Il Fatto Quotidiano). It is a “war” against the “revolutionary, despotic and ignorant” way of the Pope to lead the Church, according to the Catholic publicist Maurizio Blondet.

Against this backdrop, the “desperate appeal” (Messa in Latino) of the Chilean Jesuits is to be seen, the Bishop of Rome (they actually address him as “Querido hermano Francisco, Obispo de Roma”, “Dear Brother Francis, Bishop of Rome Rome “) to intensify the path of new initiatives, which could be used to prevent a post-gogloglobian course correction in the Church.

The literal request of the Chilean Jesuits to Pope Francis is:

“Francis, give us other cardinals and bishops, so that it can not give you back after you.”

The appeal was published on 27 December in the progressive Latin American Internet newspaper reflection y Liberacion (reflection and liberation) under the title:

“Pope Francis: We need more cardinals and other bishops.”

Signed it is especially by P. Faustino Vilabrille Linares. Reflection y Liberacion is published by the Jesuits in Chile.

Roberto de Mattei warned on 16 December before a fourth consistory to appoint new cardinals, before Pope Francis could possibly resign in the coming year 2017. However, by the recent cardinal emigration of 19 November, the established maximum level of the pope voters is currently exhausted. Pope Paul VI. put their number with the Apostolic Constitution Romano Pontifici Eligendo fixed at a maximum of 120th By February 2018, only four electoral cardinals who were elected at the time of the elections would leave the electorate by completing their 80th year. However, Francis could “appoint in reserve”, thus exceeding the maximum limit of 120 pope-voters. Without obvious need, however, underlying intentions would be too obvious.

Of the 120 cardinals who were eligible for election, 44 were appointed by Francis. A further consistory, which under normal circumstances would make sense at the earliest in the autumn of 2018, that is, only in about two years, since at least eleven seats in the conclave would be forgiven, the cardinals appointed by him would be about half of all in the next conclave The choice of purpurse carriers.

However, this does not necessarily mean something. The voters of the conclave of 2013 were almost two-thirds of Pope Benedict XVI. has been appointed. The fact is, however, that Benedict XVI. had made his appointments less with a view to the next conclave, in order to bring certain majorities into place there and to influence his succession. Pope Francis, on the other hand, is credited with such thought and action, both by his critics (Roberto de Mattei) and his followers (Chile’s Jesuits).

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