Italy: “They’ll lynch us!” Church pleads with cops for help in evicting Muslim migrants

Italy: “They’ll lynch us!” Church pleads with cops for help in evicting Muslim migrants


Yet still the state of war that European authorities have brought upon Europe is not recognized even by those same authorities.


‘They’ll LYNCH us!’ Church PLEADS with police for assistance in evicting migrants,” Express, December 30, 2016:

A CHRISTIAN Catholic priest has pleaded for help in evicting a group of migrants squatting in a nearby building – with the church warning “we can’t wait for them to come and lynch us”.

They said the group of “North Africans” were chasing church-goers, scaring children and putting the area “under siege”.

They also said a collection box at the church in Italy had been forced open – sparking a furious reaction from Father Francesco Inversini.

He said the migrants, sheltering in a building near the church of Cristo Re in Milan were “free to do” anything.

Father Inversini said in a letter to the police: “They are illegal, no one controls them, they are free to do what they please.”

The church’s administrator, who only wanted to be identified as Tommasso for fear of reprisals, went further.

He warned the migrants were part of an ongoing crime spree in the area – and claimed the church’s staff could be lynched if police do not do anything.

Tommasso said: “I do not say my name because those guys can kill me, but here, parents and parishioners are angry.

“They scare children and they chase people after they go to church to ask for money. We can’t live like that.

“The peace in the neighbourhood is gone, we are under siege. They come and go, they have no documents, they bother people and they smash car windows.

“We can’t wait for them to come and lynch us without letting authorities know what’s going on….

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6 comments on “Italy: “They’ll lynch us!” Church pleads with cops for help in evicting Muslim migrants

  1. Beretta and Benelli make excellent shotguns ! I suggest the Church considers buying a few for ” hunting ” purposes of course! Number 6 Bird shot should help keep those pesky rabbits 🐰 or vultures in check ! They might even decide to move on to “greener pastures ” such as the archbishops residence or local mayors yard ! They may even deter a planed lynching !


    MY choice to lead the vanguard.

    We do have to keep feminine sensibilities in mind, after all!

    : – )

    Happy New Year, Skipper!

  3. Seriously, though, it’s appalling to consider how slowly Catholics have responded, regardless of ecclesial political food fights, to an obvious clear and present danger.

    • PS: YES on Benelli.

      Save for the Brits, nobody makes a prettier hunting firearm.

      • I have a 3 Benellis , a Beretta, a Ceaser Guereni , and a Krieghoff K 80 for Sporting Clays. I find my 20 gauge Beretta 391 sporting model the easiest to shoot sporting clays with . I use the Benelli M 4 for defensive purposes and the others for Bird hunting and trap and skeet along with sporting clays. Always carry some type of handgun, usually a Glock or Sig with me at all times. Getting tired of War. Seems we have been at it my whole life. Never gets better. Anyway Happy New Year 🎆🎊🎈 And God Bless 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Skipper, one suddenly recalled memory: A great friend of my late father was a former NORAD commander, a fishing pal of Curt Lemay and served as DDCI, way back in the day.

    He was in Europe on NATO business and was invited to lunch by a prominent Italian figure, who handed him a prized Italian shotgun the general had been admiring from his host’s collection, as a gift.

    Later, his staff at the CIA informed him the fella who’d been such a great and generous host, was actually Mafia.

    Whether he ever returned the gift, I don’t know.

    I only met the General once but it was an intimidating moment, I can tell you.

    As my nephew, a Bronze star recipient from the Iraq campaign, said to me: “I AVOID generals. They scare me!”

    : – )

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