Spiegel: Now Even Some Pope Supporters Are Distancing Themselves

Spiegel: Now Even [Some] Pope Supporters Are Distancing Themselves

Trans: Tancred

“Spiegel” is criticizing Francis: “The Bergoglio, which they elected in 2013, many do not recognize again in the year 2016” – Cardinal Brandmüller: remarried divorced “were very casually handled”. [Its an idiomatic reference to sausage.]

Rome ( “Francis is increasingly lonely, weakened by resistance in the curia and the loss of courage to change in undermining the foundation.” The “Spiegel” in a Christmas article describes the appearance of Pope Francis critically. “Bergoglio, whom they elected in 2013, they do not recognize many in the Francis of 2016”, the magazine speaks to a confidant of the Pope. “Spiegel” – Rome correspondent, Walter Mayr then declares that even pope-followers are now distancing themselves. According to the magazine, the past Holy Year in Rome also fell far short of expectations, the conversion of the curia is only progressing slowly. Of individual offices it is said there is, “pure chaos”. According to the magazine, the Pope’s unbroken obedience is critical in the Vatican, especially because he has recently charged the media and their audience with a “tendency to coprophagia” which means eating excrement. This has even frightened away followers of Francis.

According to the “Spiegel,” Francis did not have much time to change, because the maximum time he had prescribed himself will soon have expired. To his most intimate circle, Francis himself had already declared himself self-critically: “It’s not excluded that I will enter as the one who will split the Catholic Church.”

Cardinal Brandmüller also speaks to the “Spiegel”. In the theme of “remarried divorced people”, the careless approach of the letter is criticized for the fact that the Pope and Cardinal Kasper tended to weaken the central commandments of the Catholic faith and the interpretation of the “The Holy Scriptures,” according to Brandmüller, are not a self-service shop: According to the apostle Paul, we are administrators of the Holy Spirit of the mysteries of God, but not the persons who
have the right of disposal. ”

Trans: Tancred

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One comment on “Spiegel: Now Even Some Pope Supporters Are Distancing Themselves

  1. The article says that even Pope supporters are distancing themselves.
    I wonder if this includes Church Militant?
    They have AGAIN sent me an email asking if I will reconsider and sign back up to their Premium service. And I have AGAIN told them that I dropped them because they criticise any Church member, lay or clerical, who betrays the Faith, but they will not ever say a word of criticism against the principal offender, the one with most power and influence, Pope Francis. Obviously they don’t even bother reading my replies because they keep sending me emails asking me to sign up again.

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