New Tulsa Bishop Responds to The Okie Traditionalist

New Tulsa Bishop Responds to The Okie Traditionalist

[Hat-tip to Canon212: “TULSA BP. KONDERLA: I’M NOT AGAINST THE ANCIENT MASS AND THAT’S NOT WHY I SHUT DOWN TWO FAITHFUL, THRIVING COMMUNITIES” If not, then why? And why did you snub and downplay in the diocesan media a recent visit by Cardinal Burke to Tulsa including a Solemn Mass in the diocesan cathedral? See comment below]

Posted by Joseph Ostermeir on Friday, December 23, 2016

Bishop David Konderla’s Response to The Okie Traditionalist:

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your inquiry. No, I do not disapprove of the Latin mass and the people attached to it. It would be erroneous to read such disapproval into decisions the diocese has made regarding the two religious communities. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Bishop David Konderla
Diocese of Tulsa
(Written permission was given by the Bishop to post his response)

My Original Email:

Dear Bishop Konderla,

I have a blog called The Okie Traditionalist. I had reported about your decision to not establish the Doloran Fathers, and recently the Daughters of Mary, two religious communities founded by Bishop Slattery with devotion for the Traditional Latin Mass.

Many people are asking why you are doing this, as a new bishop? To these priests, sisters, and to the work of Bishop Slattery? Many local Catholics are concerned that you personally disapprove of the Latin Mass and Catholics attached to it, and intend to continue similar actions to priests, religious, and laity in your diocese, who are attached to the traditional liturgy.

I hold out hope this is not true.

Would you be open to an interview for my blog to set the record straight, and assure local Latin Mass Catholics you are not against them or the Latin Mass? I would make it very respectful, submit a few questions to you by email which you answer and I’ll post it to the blog, after you give final approval for the post.

Joseph Ostermeir

My [Joseph Ostermeir’s] Commentary:

Well my fellow Okie Trads, there you have it. The Bishop has given his Official Answer. The tone is, objectively, reassuring. He says he personally is not opposed to the Latin Mass or traditionalists. His opinion about the traditional Mass and Catholics attached to it, he says, did not factor into his decisions.

Up until now, I have not disclosed details given to me personally by an official, primary source involved–and I won’t–but I still trust 100% that source and their clear, detailed account. God knows exactly what went down.

My intention in these blog posts about the TWO suppressions of traditional religious communities in my own Local Church was to present the public facts as disclosed by official sources, to let readers consider the circumstances, and raise their own pressing questions and concerns. The overwhelming majority of commentators had very similar reservations.

God knows the heart of the new bishop. God help him. But his and the diocese’s official decisions are tragic for those involved–and that includes traditional Catholics still living in the Tulsa diocese. Honestly, I’m still concerned if the diocese may keep suppressing traditional Catholic communities and restorations established by Bishop-emeritus Slattery. If so, you’ll read about it here.

At the very least we have this Public Statement from the Bishop of Tulsa. If ecclesial forces should ever try to force his hand to suppress a Third (yes, third) Latin Mass-praying community or traditional cause, then at least we have some kind of official assurance in this statement.

Folks, I’m sitting in my Okie Armchair keeping warm, waiting for Christmas. And I’m gazing over at our Family Altar where I have a holy card with Bishop Konderla’s photo, next to the wise men in the Nativity set. I will be praying for him that His Excellency will be faithful to his Office of Bishop and ultimately to the traditional Catholic Faith in his diocese.

[An interesting question and answer in the combox; in effect, “What’s next”]

December 24, 2016

I’m an East Coaster with limited familiarity with the diocese. Besides Clear Creek (which is a monastic foundation of pontifical right, and thus outside the ordinary’s authority) and the FSSP parish, what other traditionalist communities are left which could be suppressed?

Reply: Joseph Ostermeir
December 24, 2016

Hi Athelstane. Merry Christmas. Love the name. To answer your question:

The Clear Creek sisters are not permanently founded, and while they are under the protection of the monks, they would need the permission of the new bishop to become permanent in the diocese. They could be asked to leave.

The FSSP priests themselves are not permanent in Tulsa. Their parish is relatively small compared to you average diocesan parish.

St. Peter and Paul parish has an active Latin Mass community, but Fr. Davison is approaching retirement age and could be transferred at some point. Their community is centered around him personally.

I could see modernist clerics in the diocese pushing to quarantine all the traditionalists into one isolated parish, and limit other priests saying the TLM. Most Tulsa priests did not exactly follow Bishop Slattery’s traditional liturgical example. A few did.

Also, if the SSPX becomes a personal prelature, there would be specific rules whether or not a diocesan bishop could allow them within his territory. The SSPX is in Tulsa.

From what I am told, the Cathedral no longer is having a traditional-style Novus Ordo Mass under the new bishop. Now retired Bishop Slattery had established a Sunday Mass for years, facing East “ad orientem,” with Latin, Gregorian chant, and sacred polyphony. Many traditional-minded Catholics came together for that traditional-style Mass.

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One comment on “New Tulsa Bishop Responds to The Okie Traditionalist

  1. [Copied from Google cache; no longer on the Okie Trad website]

    Posted by Joseph Ostermeir on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

    Cardinal Burke Visits the Diocese of Tulsa! But Where the Heck’s the New Francis-Appointed Bishop Konderla???

    My thanks to the astute observations of my Okie Trad Blogger colleague Laramie Hirsch–over at THE HIRSCH FILES–who notified me of this historic visit.

    As very quietly reported on the Diocese of Tulsa’s Facebook page, and equally so on the Tulsa Cathedral’s own FB page (btw, no info in their bulletins), in late November,

    His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke

    visited the Diocese of Tulsa! Facebook photos confirm he celebrated Mass at Clear Creek Abbey for ordinations, and a 7am (7am?) weekday Solemn Mass at the Tulsa Cathedral for a full house.

    Cardinal Burke celebrated Mass facing “Ad Orientem,” the traditional Catholic liturgical posture once restored at the cathedral for several years by Bishop-Emeritus Edward Slattery of Tulsa, but not-surprisingly dropped by his new successor, Francis-appointee new Bishop David Konderla.

    Where the heck was the new Tulsa Bishop Konderla???

    Noteworthy, in all photos of Cardinal Burke’s visit to the Tulsa cathedral, there is no sign of the new Tulsa Bishop Konderla. In all the photos of Cardinal Burke’s visit to Clear Creek, the new prelate Bishop Konderla is likewise missing-in-action, even though another Bishop was present.

    I’d be close-lipped if I wasn’t noticing a pattern.

    When Bishop-Emeritus Slattery helped the Fraternity of St. Peter offer a Solemn Latin High Mass a few weeks ago in the cathedral, why didn’t Bishop Konderla join his Bishop-Emeritus at his own Cathedral for the Mass of All Ages?

    A Line Drawn in the Sand?

    Friends, it has become obvious the Francis Revolution is taking root in the Diocese of Tulsa. This became clear and evident to me and others when the newly ordained bishop inexplicably shut down the Latin Mass Society of exorcists founded by Bishop Slattery. An earthquake was felt across the Catholic Church in Oklahoma that day.

    A line seems to have been drawn in the sand. But faithful Catholics of Eastern Oklahoma have their own Okie counter-revolution standing with the true Faith, in part in the holy examples of Tradition-revering Bishop-Emeritus Slattery (who established strongholds of Traditional Catholicism across the diocese), Abbot Anderson of Clear Creek (Latin Mass monastery), and our recent guest to the Heartland Cardinal Burke!

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