Martyrology-December 20th
Roman Martyrology-December 20th-on this date in various years-

The Vigil of St. Thomas, Apostle.

At Rome, the birthday of St. Zephyrinus, pope and martyr. His feast is celebrated on the 26th of August.

In the same city, the martyrdom of St. Ignatius, bishop and martyr. He was the third after St. Peter the Apostle to rule the church of Antioch, and in the persecution of Trajan was condemned to the beasts. By order of Trajan he was sent to Rome in fetters, and there tortured and afflicted with the most cruel torments in the midst of the assembled Senate. Finally he was cast to the lions, and being ground by their teeth became a sacrifice for Christ. His feast is observed on the 1st of February.

At Rome, the holy martyrs Liberatus and Bajulus.

In Arabia, the holy martyrs Eugene and Macarius, priests. For reproving Julian the Apostate for his impiety, they received severe stripes, were banished to a vast desert, and finally were put to the sword.

At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Ammon, Zeno, Ptolemy, Ingen, and Theophilus, soldiers. Standing near the tribunals, and seeing a Christian under torture and almost ready to apostatize, they endeavoured to encourage him by their looks and by signs. When on account of this the crowd raised an outcry against them, they stepped forward and declared themselves Christians. In their victory, Christ also who had given them fortitude triumphed.

At Gelduba in Germany, St. Julius, martyr.

At Antioch, the birthday of St. Philogonius, bishop, who was called by the will of God from the office of lawyer to the government of that church. With the saintly bishop Alexander and his companions, he engaged in the first contest for the Catholic faith against Arius. Renowned for merits he rested in the Lord, and his feast was commemorated by St. John Chrysostom with an excellent eulogy.

At Brescia, St. Dominic, bishop and confessor.

In Spain, the death of St. Dominic of Silos, abbot of the Order of St. Benedict, renowned for the miracles which he had wrought for the liberation of captives.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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