Carmelite Nuns in Aleppo Are WELL! Deo gratias!

I may have posted a prayer request on AQ asking for supplications for these poor, gravely endangered daughters of St Teresa of Avila; that may have been five months ago when I first learned of their grievous plight as they took in area Christians to shelter them despite no water, no power and incessant danger.

I only moments ago received these glad tidings as to their current circumstances, thanks to the relief of that city by men who actually ARE fighting the pagan hordes there…

“Some time ago, the cloistered Carmelite Sisters of Aleppo sent out an S.O.S for prayers since they were in great danger, not only themselves, but also the people they had taken into the monastery who were fleeing from the ‘moderate’ terrorists.

“Yesterday, I inquired about them by asking a Sister of another Order in Syria, and who is keenly aware of everything happening in Aleppo. She responded today:
“Estan muy bien gracias a Dios!” – “They are very well, thanks be to God!”

“Rejoice with me and with the Sisters!”

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5 comments on “Carmelite Nuns in Aleppo Are WELL! Deo gratias!

  1. Deo gratias!

    And Merry Christmas.

    We had an adult baptism on Christmas Eve here. God is Good.

  2. My daughter is a Carmelite nun here in Australia.
    The information about the Carmelite Sisters of Aleppo is good news.
    When events have some sort of personal connection you start to realize that we really are our brothers’ keepers. What seems distant becomes closer. As our brother and sister Catholics are persecuted elsewhere we must share the burden with them, at the very least by our prayer.
    It also makes you wonder what Rome’s priorities are when this sort of persecution is going on yet the Vatican prattles on about climate change, capitalism and rigid orthodox Catholics.
    They used to say Nero fiddled while Rome burnt – perhaps that may now be Francis.

  3. We are a family.
    I was absolutely giddy when I heard the news about Tony going to be baptized Christmas Eve. So was everyone else who heard the news. We all gave thanks to God and my mom even said “best Christmas present ever”.
    It is such good news as I’ve been wondering lately why to bother with wishing Merry Christmas to my family members when they’re atheists, indifferentists, “christians” who really aren’t. I want to ask them why the celebrate Christmas? What are they celebrating?

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