Vatican Vibrations?

Vatican Vibrations?


Remember Father Lefty Goodvibes from almost seven years ago? [If not, see comment below] I’m wondering if he was called to the Vatican to offer his services there – perhaps as a shaman. Now calm down! Of course “Goodvibes” is a fictitious character. I only wish some of the slop coming from the pope’s mouth were just as imaginary. Papolaters, if you think the term “slop” is overly harsh, what would you prefer I call the unabashed indifferentism and New Age glop that he uttered a few days ago? Bovine excrement?

I’m referring to his recent letter to the mayor of Paris, who happens to be an atheist. He asked her prayers, but if she is not inclined, to send him “positive waves”. Is this an example of the “new evangelism”? To affirm someone in their sin against the First Commandment? To appeal to New Age idolatry?

This serious lapse is not the first such episode. In June 2015 he asked a group of reporters to “send him good vibrations” if the “cannot pray because they aren’t believers”. Why didn’t he urge them to pray? Did he have any concern for their souls? Is he not the chief shepherd? Our Lord had something to say about true shepherds versus hirelings.

Will prayerful Catholic songs soon be replaced by the following? I regret that in this clip seems to sum up the pseudo-spirituality evinced by the pope’s letter to the mayor. Let’s continue to pray our rosaries that Our Lord will once again be honored at the Vatican.

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One comment on “Vatican Vibrations?


    Hope for Those Who Have Broken – The Lenten Carbon Fast


    For those of you who have already broken the Lenten Carbon Fast, there’s hope! You can confess your sins against Mother Earth to (drum roll, please!)


    Observe a sample of Father’s wonderful work!

    (Father Goodvibes sits in his confessional. A rather distraught woman enters..)

    Woman: Bless me, Father, for I have sinnned.

    Father: My daughter, so that I can have perspective in giving spiritual advice, tell me a bit of your background.

    Woman: Well, I left my husband and three small children. You see, I determined that I’m gay, and have moved in with my girlfriend, whom I met at our monthly wiccan-activists meeting. I’m also studying to be ordained a priestess. I also spend Saturday mornings at the local women’s health center to combat those rigtht-wing extremists who want to deny women their right to choose.

    Father: Why, that’s wonderful, my daughter!

    Woman: But what brings me here is this. I’ve (sob!) broken the lenten carbon fast! I let my car idle while I checked my mail box, emitting green house gases. I have not properly recycled my garbage. I have not converted my lamps to those squigly, mercury-filled bulbs. I’ve wasted hot water in my daily showers. I have not let my dishwasher breathe!

    Father: Why, that’s terrible, my daughter!

    Woman: Oh, Father, I am so ashamed! I have put Mother Earth in the emergency room! (starts to cry unconsolablely)

    Father: You must make amends! For your penance, you must sit through ten showings of Al Gore’s movie “Inconvenient Truth” and buy at least three carbon offsets. Now go out to the parish compost pile, breathe in the fragrance of recycling. Now go, and be at peace as you become one with the Earth.

    Woman: Thank you, Father!

    Minutes later, we see that this woman has joined other penitents circled around the parish compost pile. They are holding hands, singing “Polar bears drownin’, Lord! Kum-bye-yaaaah!”

    Thus ends our parody! At least, I hope it’s a parody. I fear, though, these days, the above scenario may, in some confessionals, resemble fact more than fiction! During this time of Lent, I would urge the use of the Sacrament of Confession to truly put yourselves aright with God and His Church, as has been done for hundreds of years.

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