Newly Ordained Tulsa Bishop Konderla Dismissing ANOTHER Traditional Catholic Religious Community

Newly Ordained Tulsa Bishop Konderla Dismissing ANOTHER Traditional Catholic Religious Community

[Another traditional-minded religious order suppressed by another Frankenbishop – his second such action in less than four months!]

Posted by Joseph Ostermeir on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This cold Advent evening I’m setting down my eggnog, heavy-hearted to report what I think is another public tragedy in the Diocese of Tulsa, relevant to traditional Catholics here in the Heartland.

The newly ordained bishop–Bishop David Konderla–is dismissing from his new diocese yet another religious community devoted to the traditional Catholic religious life, known by many local faithful for also actively participating in the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missal).


This time it is the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, a public association of the faithful preparing for years for permanent approval, originally founded by now retired Bishop-emeritus Edward Slattery of Tulsa and Mother Miriam (a Jewish convert known for her talks on EWTN).

From their recent Advent/Christmas 2016 Newsletter:

The new bishop of Tulsa told us earlier this month that he does not see a way forward for our community in the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In a memo to Diocesan priests and staff, the bishop wrote: “After careful consideration and prayerful discernment, the Diocese of Tulsa has elected to end its affiliation with the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope and allow the community to continue their apostolic exploration in another diocese.”

This is a great sadness to us and to many families and individuals in the Diocese of Tulsa and beyond who have worked so hard and given so much to establish our Priory and renovate the guest house that was donated to us. Yet, we are at peace…

My Commentary:

Do you recall how the same new bishop inexplicably shut down in September the Latin Mass-offering priestly exorcist society–the Doloran Fathers–founded by Bishop Slattery and Fr. Chad Ripperger? DIOCESAN MEMO

Like the Doloran Fathers, these sisters (not yet in the novitiate phase) were established by Bishop Slattery, but are also being inexplicably removed by the new bishop, Bishop Konderla.

Both communities are dedicated to Catholic tradition, known for their pious love of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Both received donations and help from many local benefactors to establish an actual Religious House.

For the priests, it was a Monastery north of Tulsa in the countryside, living a removed, quiet life devoted to helping some of the most spiritually tormented souls.

For the sisters, it was a Priory and Guesthouse in the city area, where they have evangelized families with the Catholic Faith.

Do I need to ask, why this is happening again?

Please pray for these good ladies that they might be able to fulfill their vocation in another diocese. And pray for Bishop Konderla that he may understand and support traditional Catholics/traditional Catholicism in his new diocese.

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2 comments on “Newly Ordained Tulsa Bishop Konderla Dismissing ANOTHER Traditional Catholic Religious Community

  1. Posted by Laramie Hirsch on Thursday, December 22, 2016

    Pope Francis’ New Tulsa Bishop Now Removes An Order of Nuns

    Rumors of this impending act on the part of Bishop Konderla have swirled around me, here in Tulsa. However, rumor-fueled foreknowledge of what was to come was not enough to justify an official breaking post.

    Okie Trad also has sort of known for a while what was coming down the pipeline. He tried to publicly discuss this month’s dismissal. Followers of The Okie Traditionalist will be familiar with his previous attempts to warn the Tulsa community about the bishop’s next move. However, when Mother Miriam, herself, discovered public discussion of the situation, apologies had to be made, and discussion had to be squelched. However, Okie Trad did ponder what would happen to the Doloran Fathers and Mother Miriam’s Daughter’s of Mary in early November.

    The point being is this: all of the interested and vacating parties or their friends wanted everyone to hush up. “If we just keep our heads down [or elsewhere], everything will be just fine. Things won’t be so bad.”


    This is a recipe for destruction that Traditional Catholics have been cooking ever since Vatican II. And because of this panic, the Catholic Faith has been dying with a whimper all across the West.

    It was already in Bishop Konderla’s heart to do this. He was going to suppress this community. He will probably do more. It should be clear now that this bishop has a certain kind of “vision” for Northeast Oklahoma that does not include groups such as this. You will not be protected simply by playing along and pretending to be a part of the “groupthink.” You will be ostracized for who you are.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Being quiet and subdued got us into this post-Vatican II mess in the first place. Decade after decade, priests and laity have pretended that there has been nothing wrong with the Catholic Church. They do this in order to preserve the remaining integrity of the Church’s institution–all the while, it’s being eaten away right in front of them.

    There is no point in hiding. If anyone in the Catholic community is shielding their Traditionalist tendencies in fear of discovery–there is no use. Will there be an opportunity for someone in the local clergy to stand up to this? I am uncertain. Will we see another career martyred in the near future? Wouldn’t surprise me. Francis Church is alive and well in the Diocese of Tulsa.

    So, I guess the message is: “Happy Holidays, ladies. Now get out.”

    DO NOT CONTACT THE CHANCERY. IT WILL DO NO GOOD. Agitating things here in my city will only accelerate the process of modernism.

  2. Posted by Vox Cantoris at Thursday, December 22, 2016

    Remember all those Satanic Black Masses in Oklahoma? Thumbs up to Bishop David Austin Konderla! What the hell, is going on in Tulsa?


    The wonderful Bishop, Edward James Slattery retired earlier this year as he reached the mandated retirement age of 75. The new Bishop, David Austin Konderla is beginning to make quite a name for himself, but all for the wrong reasons.

    Image result for Bishop David Austin Konderla

    Some may recall that in September, Bishop Konderla, ordered Father Chad Ripperger, FSSP, who sought to establish along with Bishop Slattery, the new Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother and its work in the most necessary realm of exorcism, out of the diocese. As if sarcastically, Bishop Konderla’s letter begins with the traditional manner of honouring the date, “Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

    Some of you also remember Rosalind Moss of EWTN, a convert from Judaism. Our sister in faith, discerned to dedicate her life to Christ with the foundation of a new religious order. Mother Miriam submitted herself to Bishop Slattery and founded the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope. She set out to find a priory and to begin renovations and build a guest house and build a community.

    The Okie Traditionalist is reporting new information from their current newsletter, that David Austen Konderla has ordered them out of the Diocese!

    As with the situation with the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother Konderla indicates that he has made these decisions after “prayer” and a “discernment.”

    “After careful consideration and prayerful discernment, the Diocese of Tulsa has elected to end its affiliation with the traditional Benedictine Order, the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope and allow the community to continue their apostolic exploration in another diocese.”

    What about the prayer and labour and money from the faithful who supported this worthy work? Do they not count? What kind of evil has descended upon Tulsa? What kind of man is this David Konderla? Is he now to be added to our list of heresiarchs?

    Remember that Pope Bergoglio has issued law that no bishop may set up a society or religious order without the express permission of Rome, – an action unheard of, particularly in a “synodal church” or a “collegial” church since Vatican II.

    Rome’s intention, is a direct attack on the authority of a local Ordinary. Konderla’s actions are manifestations of cowardice and potentially something even graver.

    Do you think those Black Masses in Oklahoma have been a problem?

    Or is it that friendship with Cardinal Burke is the kiss of death?


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