Colombian Communist guerilla leader Timochenko urges Pope to visit Colombia

[Colombian Communist guerilla leader] Timochenko urges Pope to visit Colombia


[Hat-tip to Canon212: “Colombian Communist FARC guerilla leader thanks Francis on his birthday, says he has troubles with ‘fundamentalists’ too!” But he knows how to deal with them]

FARC killed 117 people when they rocketed the Bojayá church

Funeral for FARC victims in Barbosa, Antioquia

The FARC leader confesses to Francis that “it is not easy to achieve consensus and reconciliation”

The Peace Accord “fundamentally promotes full guarantees for political opposition and social protest”

By Jesus Pretty, December 21, 2016
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FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez, alias “Timoshenko”, has written to Pope Francis to congratulate him on his birthday and seek audience with the Holy Father at the time in which he visits Colombia.

In the letter, the Pope Tymoshenko admits that ” it is not easy to achieve consensus and reconciliation” in a country where “there are sectors dominated by fundamentalism”. A fundamentalism that “is of such a nature that feeds the dark hand that adds Colombia to a painful sea of ​​blood.”

“We turn to the most accused of sins, FARC, also would deserve a few minutes of reflection with you, before or during his scheduled visit to Colombia , ” said the leader of the FARC, who defends the attitude of the archbishop of Cali Dario Monsalve, for his defense of the peace process, and alludes to the meeting, promoted by Francisco, between President Juan Manuel Santos and former President Alvaro Uribe.

“We hope that His Holiness and his prayers will contribute to putting an end to this tragic reality, while we trust that a more determined role on the part of the Colombian ecclesiastical hierarchy can tip the balance on the right side,” adds Timochenko, Who argues that the peace agreement “promotes full guarantees for political opposition and social protest.”

And, he said there are social and political sectors “linked to a nefarious past human rights and mass dispossession of peasant proprietorship” who oppose the result of “enormous effort of the Colombian people”, and the last two governments.

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  1. Hat-tip to Canon212: “Referendum Invalidated: With Santos leading the charge, FARC and Cuba [as well as Pope Francis?] launch a coup against democracy in Colombia”

    [Pope Francis with Colombia President Santos and Communist FARC leader Timochenko]

    Coup Against Democracy in Colombia: Pro-Santos Court Trashes Referendum Result

    Colombia’s judiciary branch has called into question the “No” campaign, citing falsehoods in the campaign


    On Monday, December 19, the Justice of the Fifth Section of the Council of State of Colombia, Lucy Jeannette Bermúdez, ordered the Colombian Congress and President Juan Manuel Santos to continue with the peace agreement with the FARC, which was rejected by means of a national referendum last October 2.

    The ruling was handed down in the wake of the so-called “notorious fact” that there were falsehoods in the “No” campaign during the referendum, and also affirms the claims filed by citizens David Camilo Narváez and William Efraín Clavachi against the vote, which features as their main argument the alleged lies of the “No” campaign.

    “To order the Congress of the Republic and the President of the Republic to proceed with the implementation of the ‘final agreement for the ending of the conflict and the construction of a stable and lasting peace’, providing for – in extraordinary sessions convened especially for that purpose – special mechanisms for the creation of regulations established in legislative act 01 of 2016 (fast track legislation), which for purposes of compliance with this precautionary measure must be understood as effective,” said the ruling.

    And secondly, “to urge the Constitutional Court to give priority to the resolution of the demands to determine the constitutionality in the matter on which it is required to rule on the validity of the legislative act 01 of 2016, and in particular regarding article 5 of that act.”

    The article referred to establishes that, in order for the fast track to be implemented (which entails reduction of debates in Congress to pass laws and reforms), there must be a popular referendum.

    However, last week the court approved the fast track’s activation. Congress is preparing to start processing the Amnesty Law, which would be the first step in the peace agreement’s timetable.

    Thus, the decision of the Council of State orders the continuation of the peace agreement that was rejected and, thus, invalidates the results of the referendum that took place on October 2.

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