Vatican newspaper decries ‘xenophobic,’ ‘populist’ electoral gains in Europe

Vatican newspaper decries ‘xenophobic,’ ‘populist’ electoral gains in Europe

[Thus, echoing their favorite but failed US presidential candidate’s description of her opponent’s supporters as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,” the Vatican favors atheists, socialists and “greens” over conservatives and patriots as national leaders – as in the recent Austrian presidential election: “Europe welcomes defeat of Austria’s right-wing leader in presidential election” – Vatican Radio]

Catholic World News – December 20, 2016

An unsigned front-page article in the December 20 edition of L’Osservatore Romano lamented the “frightening electoral growth of xenophobic and populist forces” in the nations of the European Union.

“It is urgent that Europe respond by overcoming national egoism,” said Laura Boldrini, president of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy, as quoted by the Vatican newspaper.

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One comment on “Vatican newspaper decries ‘xenophobic,’ ‘populist’ electoral gains in Europe

  1. The good thing is, from what I see in the next year in Europe, is Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands are having elections. And it looks good right now for the populist right-wing nationalist candidates.
    And who knows, someday the Vatican, and the Catholic world may finally have a Bishop of Rome who is once again Catholic, and who promotes the restoration of Catholic Europe through national sovereignty, and one who denounces anti-Catholic entities like the EU, the UN etc.
    Hey we can hope

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