Novena for New Year’s Day- Feast of the Circumcision Dec 23rd – Dec 31st

Most Bountiful God, I sincerely and humbly thank Thee for all of Thy many benefits to me during the past year, and for the privilege of beginning a new year.  Do Thou mercifully continue Thy gracious help and protection, so that I may not only spend this coming year in Thy service, but also may increase from day to day in fervor and in the performance of good works.  May all my thoughts, words and actions be for Thy greater honor and glory, for my own sanctification and for the good of souls.  These favors I ask from Thy goodness through the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who for our salvation first shed His Precious Blood on this day.      +Amen

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27 comments on “Novena for New Year’s Day- Feast of the Circumcision Dec 23rd – Dec 31st

  1. Prayed on this first day, for the intentions of all participants of this novena, especially for Cindy, zuzu and for her husband Joseph and for Catherine and Anthony. Thank you zuzu.

  2. You’re welcome, Futterlieb. And since I know the Nutter-Butters weren’t a big hit, I’m crossing my fingers that you get plenty of chocolate in your stocking tomorrow night!
    Prayed day 1 for Futterlieb, Cindy, Catherine, Anthony and my husband’s intentions and everyone’s intentions praying this novena.

  3. Day 1 prayed.

    For the intentions of those joining in this novena, esp. zuzu, Cindy, Anthony, futterlieb.

  4. Prayed day 9.
    Thank you dear Lord, for all our family and friends and for all the blessings of this year, not least among them for the defeat of the Succubus. Amen!

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