New misleading pro-abortion campaign slogan: ‘All forgiven by Pope Francis’

New misleading pro-abortion campaign slogan: ‘All forgiven by Pope Francis’

[In the same vein as the blasphemous conclusion drawn from the sentimental but erroneous theological opinion of some neo-Catholic pro-lifers that because aborted babies (although unbaptized and with the stain of original sin) for some mysterious reason go directly to heaven, it is therefore a favor to abort them or have them aborted!]

Jan Bentz

December 19, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — A pro-abortion Brazilian “bioethics” institute affiliated with Planned Parenthood has launched a social media campaign featuring a smiling Pope Francis and the slogan: “Women who have abortions: there are thousands in Brazil. All forgiven by Pope Francis.”

The ad, originating from the Instituto de Bioetica, or ANIS, appears on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

According to reports from Italian Vatican analyst Marco Tosatti and others, ANIS launched the campaign to encourage women to have an abortion without a guilty conscience in a country where more than 60 percent of the population is Catholic.

The advertisement references a recent Apostolic Letter at the closing of the Year of Mercy, Misericordia et misera, in which the Pope states in no. 12 that every priest worldwide can offer absolution from the excommunication that is tied to the act of performing or collaborating in an abortion. While the Church’s teaching holds the gravity of an abortion as so severe that it sanctions the sinner with an automatic excommunication, the advertisement gives the impression that the severity of an abortion is lessened.

But this is not the case at all. The only aspect that changed is the priest, after hearing the confession of the sin of abortion, can now – without recourse to the bishop, which was necessary until now – forgive the sin and lift the excommunication at the same time. Both the sinfulness as well as the punishment (excommunication) remains; the only thing that changes is the mode of absolution.

In Brazil, the ad banner was published along with an interview with anthropologist Débora Diniz titled “Pope Francis and the pardon of abortion.“ In the article, the author misinterpreted the recent Papal letter and said that “now women are not threatened anymore with the pains of hell” after an abortion.

What has changed is the regulation of who can absolve the sin of abortion. Now any priest can administer the sacrament of reconciliation for abortion. But Diniz comes to a far different conclusion: “The next step will be that our legal system is inspired by Pope Francis and therefore considers abortion a crime without punishment.”

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  1. They may not understand the moral theology of absolution or “forgiveness” in Catholic doctrine but the “who am I to judge” style did not help. It’s OK though because nerds in Opus Dei with Stockholm Syndrome don’t want you to criticize Pope Bergoglio and his progressive Situation Ethics. Just stick your head in the sand and keep showing your joy. Or they’ll scold you as they show their joy.

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