Notre Dame petition to ban Trump nears 3,000 signers

Notre Dame petition to ban Trump nears 3,000 signers

[Hat-tip to Gloria.TV News: “Strange Values” (Notre Dame’s not The Donald’s)]

From Report Card: Notre Dame Community Reacts to Fr. Jenkins’ Indecisiveness on Trump Commencement Invite

Matt Archbold / December 12, 2016

Claiming that President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t share Notre Dame’s values, more than 2,700 students, employees and alumni have signed a petition created by the Notre Dame College Democrats urging that the University of Notre Dame refuse to invite Trump to be the 2017 commencement speaker.

While there are legitimate issues to be raised about any Catholic university honoring Trump, the authors of the letter use a number of completely false and misleading statements to attack Trump while claiming to support Catholic values. Perhaps they forgot honesty is also a Catholic value.

I don’t remember this group being alarmed by the honoring of a president who defends the legalized killing of the unborn. Oh, and by the way, in contrast, The Cardinal Newman Society’s petition against Notre Dame honoring Obama garnered more than 367,000 signatures. #justsayin’

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