FrankenCardinal Tagle blesses Miss Universe at his Palacio Arzobispal

[FrankenCardinal Tagle blesses Miss Universe at his Palacio Arzobispal]


[When will His Eminence in imitation of his mentor/His Holiness/Humbleness move out of his Palacio Arzobipal into humbler quarters such as a Catholic guesthouse?]

From Gloria.TV News on the 15th of December 2016

Embarrassing: Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has blessed beauty queen and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach at the archbishop’s residence [Palacio Arzobispal]. Wurtzbach visited Tagle to turn over designer clothes, bags and other accessories in favor of Caritas Manila. Tagle was dressed casually and made sure that journalists were present in order to take pictures of the most embarrassing moments of the event.

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2 comments on “FrankenCardinal Tagle blesses Miss Universe at his Palacio Arzobispal

  1. The only way the Cardinal could have looked less clerical would have been if he had been wearing a floral shirt.
    I note how the modernist clergy hate looking priestly. I think deep down its because their Satanic master gives them a hatred of anything connected with God’s Church.

  2. Well, trying to put the best spin possible on it, perhaps the cardinal was working in his private study, doing some research from the Summa, when Miss Universe just popped in on the ol’ Palazio?

    I’m sure Cd Dolan has Rockettes and Broadway divas just showing up unexpectedly at St Patrick’s on a daily basis, too.

    Prob’ly one more example of the “____ of Surprises” phenomenon instituted under the Supreme Pontiff.

    Ya just never know who might drop in next!

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