Cardinal Zen: Chinese defiance shows failure of Vatican ‘ostpolitik’ approach

Cardinal Zen: Chinese defiance shows failure of Vatican ‘ostpolitik’ approach

[Silence appears to be Frankenpope’s strategy on a number of issues (inter alia, the Cardinals’ dubia), and sarcasm on some other issues (such as traditional-minded clerics and laity]

Catholic World News – December 14, 2016

Cardinal Joseph Zen has said that the Chinese government deliberately challenged Pope Francis by forcing the participation of an excommunicated bishop in the ordination of two new Chinese bishops.

Cardinal Zen said that the ordination ceremonies—which had been authorized by both the Vatican and the Chinese regime, but disrupted when officials insisted that bishop who had been illicitly ordained must take part—showed the failure of the Vatican’s efforts to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with Beijing on the appointment of bishops. Cardinal Zen has consistently argued that the Chinese regime will not allow religious freedom, and the Vatican should not seek an accommodation with the regime.

The cardinal also voiced dismay that the Vatican has not issued any statement to denounce the officials’ interference with the November ordination ceremonies.

Reference: Card. Zen: The “slap” from Chris Patten and those of the illegitimate ordinations and Assembly for the Pope (AsiaNews)

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