Reliable Vatican Insider Info: Francis v. Cd Sarah

[GPMTRAD: I won’t disclose the source of this report but will vouch for his absolutely traditional Catholic validity. The writer is a terrific priest, somewhere in Europe.]

“NOW HEAR THIS: Reliable secret, inside information from a brother-priest-friend of mine, with first-hand contacts in Rome…
Recently, Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, was preparing a trip from Rome’s International Airport.

“While awaiting to take his flight, he was informed that Pope Francis had summoned him. Having to cancel his international flight, he met with Francis.

“He was reprimanded (yet again) for his stance on ad Orientem liturgical worship at Mass, and indeed, for his insistence on (attributed to) Benedict XVI’s so-called “reform of the reform” of the Church’s sacred liturgy.

“The Cardinal defended his position by claiming to be faithful to the original intentions of Vatican II’s constitution, Sacrosanctum Concilium, on the reform of the sacred liturgy. Furthermore, that he was merely being faithful to the Church’s perennial liturgical tradition.

“He did mention to Francis his utter surprise that he had been summoned for this liturgical reprimand, while lamenting that other prelates are authorizing Holy Communion to divorced and “re-married” Catholics (i.e., Amoris Lætitia), and yet are not summoned by the Pope for a doctrinal and pastoral reprimand.
Perhaps the Holy Father has prejudices and is summoning him because he is a black, African cardinal? No, Your Eminence, it’s not that at all…

“The eye witness to this impressive exchange gathers from it that Cardinal Sarah and other high-ranking prelates (i.e., the four Dubia Cardinals), are making a firm stand against Francis’ reckless policies, and are quite simply not afraid to do so…”

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  1. Might one picture Steve McQueen as a young Cd Burke and Eli Wallach as Papa Bergoglio?

  2. One can almost hear some of the pope’s AL supporters saying “You’re lack of faith is disturbing.”

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