Homeschoolers: Beware Betsy DeVos, Beware Vouchers

[From a Breitbart article on DeVos: I’m starting to think that Susan Berry is getting the true story on DeVos from Michigan parents opposed to Common Core. Please chime in, especially if you think DeVos is OK.]

Original article:
Stop Common Core in Michigan: ‘We’re Not Fooled’ by Betsy DeVos, ‘We Know the Truth’
by Dr. Susan Berry

A member of the leadership team at Stop Common Core in Michigan says their activists are “not fooled” by Trump education secretary pick Betsy DeVos’s claim she is not a supporter of Common Core.

“Parents, educators, and grassroots activists across the state of Michigan know exactly who DeVos is and her position on Common Core,” Karen Braun tells Breitbart News the day after DeVos joined Trump in Grand Rapids at a “Thank You” tour stop in her state.

“We’re not fooled by a single, carefully parsed statement on a webpage that she is ‘not a supporter – period,’” she says. “We know the truth. We experienced it first hand. So have many Michigan lawmakers; but for some reason they continue to stay silent and give DeVos a complete pass. Loyalty to DeVos trumps loyalty to the truth, apparently.”

“In a DeVos system of ‘choice,’ parents will choose WHERE their child is educated but WHAT they are taught is not up to them,” Braun continues, quoting from a report from the American Federation for Children, on which DeVos has served as a board member since 2008 and has been its chairman since 2009.

“Through educational choice, parents are empowered with the ability to choose the environment—whether it is a traditional public school, charter school, private school, virtual school, home school or blended learning—that best suits their children’s needs,” the report read.

“That’s not true choice and will result in the destruction of educational freedom for all parents,” Braun states.

Braun’s assertion is shared by many homeschoolers as well. In May of 2015, Breitbart News featured comments from homeschooling parents across the country who reject the idea of school vouchers, the transfer of taxpayer funds from public schools to private, religious, or even homeschools.

In January of 2015, the Wisconsin Parents’ Association, a grassroots homeschooling organization, expressed its adamant opposition to school vouchers for homeschoolers in an open letter:

Programs that give public moneys to homeschoolers would undermine our freedom to homeschool, as would legislation that attempts to guarantee our rights and freedoms. Government “favors” would require that homeschools be accountable to the government, which would make homeschools more like public schools. Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible and our homeschooling as successful as possible. No new homeschooling legislation is needed, and essentially any legislation would have drawbacks and risks.

“Parents already have rights and responsibilities,” continued WPA. “They come from God or nature, not the government. Proposals that supposedly guarantee parental rights backfire because they give the government a way to define and control fundamental rights.”

Tina Hollenbeck, a homeschooling parent in Wisconsin, underscores that sentiment for Breitbart News:

It’s really imperative that homeschoolers remember there is never, ever, ever a “free lunch.” In other words, the offer of vouchers for homeschoolers is a Trojan horse and will – at some point by someone – undoubtedly result in increased regulation that will steal parents’ academic freedom. This already happens in private religious schools that take voucher students – i.e., bureaucrats require that “parochial” content in such schools be removed from instruction – and there is no reason to believe that similar restrictions would not be strongly enforced on homeschoolers, too. We should not be fooled. Our parental freedom to educate our children according to our own convictions is worth far more than the bowl of pottage represented by voucher dollars.

Braun says that she has been in touch with parent activists in Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and other states, who know well how influential and wealthy special interests like the DeVos family and their funded organizations have blocked efforts to repeal Common Core.

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2 comments on “Homeschoolers: Beware Betsy DeVos, Beware Vouchers

  1. Said it here many times: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” Once homeschoolers and private schools accept government money, they accept government oversight. If you need an object lesson, look at what “Catholic” hospitals and charitable organizations are being forced to do. Just say NO to government money.

  2. On the other hand …
    DeVos vows to end Common Core at Michigan rally with Trump

    … “One of the most critical issues we have to tackle is education,” Trump told supporters in Grand Rapids, Mich., before inviting DeVos onstage. “We’re going to reform our broken education system to put students and families first.”

    Trump described DeVos as one of the “the top education reformers in our nation and someone … who has devoted decades to helping our students.”

    “In deference to the U.S. Senate confirmation, I’m not giving interviews but just between us let me share this,” DeVos told the crowd gathered in Grand Rapids. “It’s time to make education great again in this country.”

    “This means putting kids first,” she said to cheers. “This means expanding choices and options to give every child the opportunity for a quality education regardless of their zip code or family circumstances. This means letting states set their own standards and finally putting an end to the federal Common Core.”

    DeVos continued, “The answer isn’t bigger government. The answer is local control. It’s listening to parents and it’s giving more choice. And if I’m fortunate enough to be confirmed as your secretary of education, our kids, your kids will have someone fighting for them every single day.”

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