Poll: What is your opinion of President Elect Trump’s cabinet picks to date?

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4 comments on “Poll: What is your opinion of President Elect Trump’s cabinet picks to date?

  1. There is not much choice. The alternative would have been very radically anti-family. Trump, I notice, made some picks that would fight Common Core- horror for any honest teacher or educator. Common Core wants to use educational institutions as a vehicle for Corporate professions training, instead of teaching in the Liberal Arts, in Latin, Greek, Classics, Philosophy, History, etc, that these Corporations find counterproductive to introduction into the Corporate World.
    I am very glad that Ben Carson is on board- a decent man who I would have loved to see as President. The only dislike I have is in Cabinet picks excessively hostile to Iran. I did not want to vote for one candidate backing war with Arab states “in the name of democracy”, which we have no business to involve ourselves with, in exchange to find myself facing war with Iran.
    I feel that the best President should build bridges with regimes that are hostile to the EU secularist states, as long as these regimes remain committed to working within their countries, with tolerance for Orthodox and Catholic traditionalists. The continued existence of the State of Israel is also an issue that concerns me.

  2. Rex Tillerson is a big mistake. Though an eagle scout he led the charge for gays in the Boy Scouts and as CEO his company directly funds Planned Parenthood. Not a good move ethically or morally. But, then, we all know DJT is only the best of two alternatives.

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