Edward Pentin in Regina Magzn: “Rapid Unraveling”

Rome in Eye of A Storm

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PENTIN: “That can only be speculative of course, but it could conceivably be true as for months one has heard from one significant part of the Curia that they feel great unease about what is happening. The phrases “reign of terror” and “Vatican martial law” are frequently bandied around.”

REGINA: ” ‘Reign of terror’. Wow. ”

Edward Pentin: “Not an insignificant number of officials are opposed to what the Pope is doing, but are keeping quiet having convinced themselves there is nothing they can do and instead are preferring to “save their ammunition” until the next conclave. It should be said that that was before the dubia were published, so things might have changed, but I think if the Pope continues not to respond and demand persists for an answer, a growing number of the College will move towards favoring the four cardinals, and probably publicly so. We are then likely to see a fairly rapid unraveling of this pontificate towards an unknown conclusion.

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One comment on “Edward Pentin in Regina Magzn: “Rapid Unraveling”

  1. My sincere compliments to Regina and Mr. Pentin.

    This is the single clearest and most probable analysis and forecast I have seen, to date.

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