When Someone Tries to Hold My Hand During the Our Father or Says “Peace Be With You” at the Sign of Peace…

When Someone Tries to Hold My Hand During the Our Fathr [or Says “Peace Be With You” at the Sign of Peace…]

Posted on December 6, 2016 by Larry D


Addendum from “My Feeling Precisely” at The American Catholic: I can say the Our Father without strangers attempting to hold my hands, thank you very much.

(Well, not really, but it can sure be tempting.)

Addendum from AQ moderator TOM: It can also be tempting that when someone says “Peace be with you” at the Sign of Peace, instead of extending your hand, ask for the oscula obscena by saying “Oscula rectum meum” and turning around.

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4 comments on “When Someone Tries to Hold My Hand During the Our Father or Says “Peace Be With You” at the Sign of Peace…

  1. Lol, fortunately for me I haven’t been to a Novus Ordo service in years, nor do I intend to assist in one in the future.
    This “sign of peace”stupidity is just one of many reasons why I left the Novus Ordo many years ago
    I don’t miss those days at all.
    It’s sad that people, either out of ignorance or through false loyalty to what they perceive as obedience stay in the Novus Ordo and won’t even consider assisting at the Mass of all ages, or assist at a proper Liturgy of an Eastern Catholic Rite

  2. I think it was ECS220’s line about bandaging his fingers and asking an approaching Nervous Ordealer, “Does this look infected to you?” that finally convinced me I had no choice but to join this merry band 9 and 1/2 years ago.

    • Guilty. Eventually came to the conclusion that it’s better to avoid the NO like the plague, rather than pretending to have the plague.

      • Good conclusion. And my thanks for being the single most compelling reason I hazarded joining AQ in May, 2007.

        I’ve made some incredibly fine friends here and each of you know who you are. At least I hope you do.

        If you’re not sure, however, please contact Tom, our moderator, and he will give you my Cayman Islands private account number to which you may forward a substantial donation and be listed as one of my official AQ pals. In return, you will receive a certificate of friendship and a partially-used box of gauze to keep handy in case you are ever roped into attending a NO “service” and cannot get out of it.

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