The “Squid Ink” Pontificate? Hilary White on the Bart Simpson of the East and Francis

[ A timely reminder of one of the primary reasons Our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia. As well, further vindication of the analysis of Orthodoxy as pantheistic…. ]

“… Did you know that Amoris Laetitia is really about rewriting Catholic Trinitarian dogma? Did you know that with it, Pope Francis has freed us, not only from the “canonical regulations of man,” but from our Biblical concept of God as Father? And that we no longer have to concern ourselves with moral restraints or even behavioural preferences imposed by this “heavenly father”? Did you know that the Church no longer teaches that there is any divinely authored moral law at all?

“I realize that the language was deliberately ambiguous and imprecise in order that nearly any gloss could be laid over it to serve nearly any agenda. But I bet you thought all that was mostly about marriage and the family. I bet you were worried that it was a vehicle for imposing the Kasperian doctrine of giving sacreligious Holy Communion to divorced and civilly “remarried” people, and that it would only indirectly and by logical extrapolation undermine all of the Church’s other teachings.

“Having read the letter, published on Friday in the pope’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano by the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople, I am left wondering what the message was that we, as Catholics, are supposed to take to heart. Are we really to understand that the pope approved a message that there isn’t really such a person as the “heavenly father”? And that this new god of Amoris Laetitia has no interest in how we behave? Is this a message from the pope, through one of his chosen proxies, that there is simply no such thing any more as sin?

Does Pope Francis intend to endorse this letter? If not, then how do we explain its presence, without correction or comment, in L’Osservatore Romano? Is this a catechism lesson of the Bergoglian New Paradigm, through an op-ed in the pope’s newspaper?

Are we to take Amoris Laetitia not as a document of the Catholic Church on the family but as a manifesto of an entirely new religion?

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2 comments on “The “Squid Ink” Pontificate? Hilary White on the Bart Simpson of the East and Francis

  1. Many years ago when I was searching for God’s truth and was not yet a Catholic, I visited an Orthodox priest to get an idea whether the Orthodox Church was really God’s Church and where I was meant to be. Among the questions I asked him was the question of divorce. I knew the Orthodox permitted it and I wanted to know how they justified that position.
    His reply was staggering.
    He said that he knew that Jesus forbade divorce. However, he said, men are weak and fallible so the Orthodox Church allows divorce – but only up to three times!!!!
    This reply alone wiped out the Orthodox Church for me (many other worrying facts about Orthodoxy later became apparent but I don’t have time to relate those now.)
    What a cynical, disobedient approach! To admit that Our Lord forbids something then to allow it anyway because, I presume, you know better than God.
    No wonder our present Pope seems to be friends with the Orthodox.

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