Trivial Pursuit (Papal Edition, 2016)

Trivial Pursuit (Papal Edition, 2016)


In addition to Eccles’s fun Christmas gifts, may I add Trivial Pursuit (Papal Edition, 2016).


All 1000 question cards for this limited edition game are exactly the same, to ensure the questions
are answered. It is said that at least four Cardinals – though it could be more in time – wish to play this fun game for the family of God with His Holiness over the season of Christmastide…perhaps beyond!


The questions must be answered, but calmly, moving forward in a relaxed manner.

Any participant boiling with rage is to be removed from the game for a breather to re-enter the game when he is not boiling with rage.

All the questions must be answered in order to get ‘all the pies’ and ‘get home’.

Age range of respondents to questions: Between 79 to 80 years old.

Number of participants: 7 in private, 5 in public, but could be more.

Warning: Despite the limited number of questions, this game can nevertheless take a very long time to complete. Best to leave yourself a year or two to get the answers after many delaying tactics, but that’s all part of the fun, eh? No?

Limited Edition Price: Legitimacy, but is also of eternal value.


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