“Faith” leaders urge Obama to grant pardons to immigrants, prisoners

“Faith” leaders urge Obama to grant pardons to immigrants, prisoners

As his second term ends, President Obama is being urged to pardon immigrants and prisoners.

[Open the borders (to let ’em all in), and open the jails (to let ’em all out)!]

Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON — Faith leaders and immigrant advocates urged President Barack Obama to pardon immigrants in the country without legal documentation and people with nonviolent offenses serving prison sentences.

“This is about protecting families,” said Richard Morales, immigration policy director for PICO, which stands for People Improving Communities Through Organizing, during a Dec. 1 news conference in the chapel of the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill.

“There is tremendous fear in our communities. This is a moral rather than legal issue. The president does have the constitutional power to grant these pardons and he needs to act,” he added.

The gathering was organized by PICO, a national network based in Oakland, California, that was founded in 1972 by a Jesuit priest.

The group is currently circulating a petition to deliver to the White House Dec. 15 urging the Obama administration to grant these pardons. It is also urging local elected officials, governors, mayors and churches across the country to take steps to designate themselves sanctuaries, protecting immigrants from deportation, in response to President-elect Donald Trump promises to deport 2 to 3 million immigrants without documentation.

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  1. We need more immigrants. We haven’t yet had a female rag-head suicide bomber, have we?

    Female suicide bomber uses 3 children as decoy then blows herself up in new low for Islamic State

    This was in Libya. It seems that the woman didn’t blow up the kids, but used them to get in the middle of Libyans who are fighting ISIS.

    And what is it Francis is worried about? Rigid neo-Pelagian self-absorbed Rosary-counting starched Christians?

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