Cardinal Sins: Resisting Pope Francis

Cardinal Sins: Resisting Pope Francis


Published on Dec 2, 2016

As the Four Cardinals make their historic stand against revolution in the Vatican, several bishops and one more cardinal move in to support them. Michael Matt tackles the question of what to do when a pope goes wrong. Do faithful lay Catholics have a role in stopping Pope Francis and the Modernists who put him in charge, or should the threat of causing scandal cause all of us to keep silent?

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2 comments on “Cardinal Sins: Resisting Pope Francis

  1. It can now be said, that this Pope can say and do pretty well whatever he likes and that to even politely question him about any of his statements is truly a Cardinal Sin.

    I guess that, and using an air-conditioner, must be one of the few serious sins left.

  2. This so called pope is the Obama of the Vatican! Francis and any of the red hats who follow him are not be listened to ! Especially the 4 new Cardinals, and bishop in San Diego ! He needs to go Bless the SEAL ranges on Catilina Island during live fire drills at night , during an assault combined with explosive charges . Maybe it will launch 🚀 him back to reality concerning the murdering of the unborn !

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