Cardinal Napier defends Francis’ silence on the four Cardinals’ dubia

Pete Baklinski

December 1, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Prominent South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier took to Twitter this week to defend Pope Francis’ decision to remain silent on the questions posed by four Cardinals about whether or not Amoris Laetitia conforms to Catholic teaching on marriage, the sacraments, and conscience.

Napier, who has been an outspoken defender of the Church’s perennial teaching on marriage, sexuality, and the sacraments, has used his Twitter account in the past months to quote passages of the pope’s controversial exhortation, which was published in April.

But when he tweeted an Amoris quote on Tuesday dealing with the damage in families caused by broken relationships, one Twitter user responded by pointing out the damage caused among Catholics by ambiguity in the Pope’s exhortation:

29 Nov
Cardinal Napier @CardinalNapier
Children should not have to bear the burden of a separation or be used as hostages against the other spouse. (AL 245)

Mechagodzilla79 @Mechagodzilla75
@CardinalNapier Cardinal Napier, children are bearing the burden right now of not having a clear teacher of the Faith in our Holy Father.
8:03 AM – 29 Nov 2016

Then, in a series of responses, Napier suggested that Catholics who “analyses [sic] negatively” the pope, do so “without checking what Pope actually said.” He also suggested that Pope Francis in not responding to the dubia was following the example of Christ, who sometimes refused to answer questions from interlocutors.


But, when a different Twitter user chimed in with the Pope’s statement to the Argentine bishops that there was “no other interpretation” of Amoris Laetitia than to admit divorced and remarried Catholics to Holy Communion in some cases, Napier did not respond further.

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2 comments on “Cardinal Napier defends Francis’ silence on the four Cardinals’ dubia

  1. Please, Cardinal Napier, you are too good a man to be just another blind idolator of the pope.
    Remember, Universal Papal Infallibilism is a heresy.
    Read Denzinger 1839. If you deny the LIMITS of papal infallibility that are dogmatically defined there, you are a heretic.

  2. The cardinal’s evasions look like something cooked up by the Hitlery campaign staff only one month ago.

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