Prelate lists mandates, executive orders that Trump should rescind to protect religious freedom

Prelate lists mandates, executive orders that Trump should rescind to protect religious freedom

Catholic World News – December 01, 2016

Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore has called upon President-elect Donald Trump to take several actions that would reverse mandates and executive orders issued by President Barack Obama and his administration that impinge upon religious liberty.

“President-elect Trump has the opportunity to ensure that people of all faiths can continue to do their good work in serving their communities without having to violate their consciences or face crippling fines or onerous lawsuits,” wrote Archbishop Lori, who leads the bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty. “Our hope is that the next administration will ensure that Americans remain free to serve.”

In a November 30 CNS column, the prelate called upon Trump to

“rescind executive orders that effectively exclude faith-based organizations from partnering with the federal government, such as Executive Order 13672”

“direct the head of HHS to place an immediate moratorium on the HHS mandate” and then rescind it

“direct HHS to stop enforcing its ‘transgender mandate’ issued under the purported authority of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. Catholic hospitals are currently being sued by those seeking coverage of ‘gender reassignment’ surgeries.”

“rescind the Obama administration’s ‘guidance’ and related memos on Title IX that force schools—including at the K-12 level—to treat students according to their “internal sense of gender.”

In addition, Archbishop Lori said that “schools with religious exemptions to Title IX should not be placed on a ‘shame list’ run by the U.S. Department of Education simply for claiming an exemption” and that “the president-elect should direct the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to stop enforcing its ‘gender identity’ mandate on homeless shelters.”

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5 comments on “Prelate lists mandates, executive orders that Trump should rescind to protect religious freedom

  1. [Professor predicts what Catholics can expect from a Trump administration]

    From: On the Meaning of the Election and Its Aftermath, by STEPHEN M. KRASON, DECEMBER 1, 2016

    Catholics should not be concerned about possible Trump policy initiatives on trade, immigration, health care, or even on something like overturning the new federal mandate about expanded requirements for overtime pay (which has just been put on hold in the federal courts). As the great Catholic economist Heinrich Pesch, S.J., held, reasonable protectionism is acceptable. Contrary to what some Church spokesmen seem to claim, open immigration is not a moral imperative. As the social encyclical Pacem in Terris states, nations have a duty to accept immigrants but only “as far as the common good rightly understood permits” (#106). The Catechism says, “Political authorities … may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions” (#2241). While Pacem in Terris mentions the right to medical care (#11), the Church does not mandate particular public policy approaches or governmental responsibility for it. She upholds the cause of workers, but again does not anoint particular policy approaches and certainly doesn’t insist that prudence be tossed aside as with a nationalized overtime standard that does not take into account legitimate local and regional situations and may have the effect of causing workforce cutbacks.

    Serious Catholics should not expect great breakthroughs during a Trump administration in the culture wars. Even if he were to nominate a solid replacement for Scalia, that would only keep the Court at status quo ante on same-sex “marriage” and it’s not clear even an additional appointee would mean a willingness to reverse the 1973 decisions legalizing abortion. Trump himself said that the judicial imposition of same-sex “marriage” was “settled law” and there is little to suggest that he would square off against the homosexualist movement. Religious liberty, which is so much tied up with these issues, will be respected more but he likely won’t challenge state-level violations of it.

    • Some of these predictions seem similar to those regarding Trump’s slim chances of winning the presidency. In the post-election interview on 60 Minutes, DJT himself spelled out the scenario resulting from the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. While holding his feet to the fire, I think we also need to be positive and optimistic that the good Lord will work through DJT, and for him, in his effort to make American great again. A great step would be the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Deus vult!

  2. What I am confused about is why the Church is putting so much sacredness to defending illegal immigrants? Isn’t coming into the U S with the intention of taking advantage of a corrupt system that makes it easy for an illegals to require hardworking taxpayers to pay for them to support them in the consequences of their deceipt a sin? What about “thou shalt not steal” ?Is illegal immigration theologically permissible?

  3. When it comes to these faux “immigrants,” they’re not immigrants, at all.
    They’re TERRORISTS. They’re ARSONISTS. They’re RAPISTS.
    All right out of the KGB Cookbook for fomenting a revolution.

  4. gpmtrad,
    We have exactly the same problem here in Australia. Due to successive Governments being politically correct we have allowed many totally unsuitable “immigrants” into our country. They have totally different beliefs from the concepts under which our country is governed. They are corrupt, they form crime gangs, they hate Christianity, they hate women, they are represented in rape statistics and all crime statistics way out of proportion to their numbers in the whole population.
    Yet when one of our senior Government ministers recently suggested that our immigration policy had not been careful enough in screening new arrivals he was howled down by the left in all its forms – our Labor Party, our academics and the government owned television and radio network (the ABC). He was called a racist etc.
    As usual the Left never ever let the facts stand in the way of of policy.

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