French cardinal raps government’s ‘obsession’ with abortion

French cardinal raps government’s ‘obsession’ with abortion

[Imitating what the Obama regime does and what a Hillary one would have continued and expanded]

Catholic World News – November 28, 2016

Cardinal André Vingt-Trois of Paris has criticized the “obsession” of the French government with the issue of abortion, and the charged that under the pretext of combatting AIDS the government is actually promoting homosexuality.

In a radio interview, the French cardinal said that the government is “promoting abortion as a normal outcome of pregnancy.” He was responding to the introduction of legislation that would provide for prosecution of pro-life activists who post “false information” about abortion on the internet.

Cardinal Vingt-Trois questioned why the government would place top priority on counteracting the influence of pro-life web sites, rather than the sites that promote radical terrorism.

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