Serious (?) Developments re. Jorge’s Mental Stability

A job for a true Journalist: Who can find “The Kolvenbach Report” on Father Bergoglio?

The superiors of religious orders and societies are consulted by the Congregation for Bishops when their priestly members are considered for an appointment as bishop.

It is a well known and established information in the Holy See (as it was in Buenos Aires before) that, when Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, was tipped by the then-Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Quarracino, to become his auxiliary, in 1992, the then-Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach — who was struggling to recover some credibility to his order after the severe intervention by Pope John Paul II and the removal of Arrupe and Arrupists who had run the great Society to the ground following the Council — wrote an unfavorable report on the possible nomination.

The report is said to be highly detailed, and to reveal all the character inclinations that are evident in the personality of the current Pope.

Now, it would be one of the scoops of the century if a journalist revealed to the world this most important historical document. The “grown-up” Catholics of our age, “emancipated” by Vatican II, can surely take what Father Kolvenbach was trying to warn Pope John Paul II and his advisers about Father Bergoglio. And surely the new enlightened Vatican can be transparent enough to let all Catholics and all others know the contents of such a precious report.

Time to let the sunlight in.

For those fluent in Spanish…

El entonces Superior General de los Jesuitas, recomendó no consagrar como Obispo a Bergoglio por tener una personalidad desequilibrada.


I cannot post photos but this report, only available so far in Spanish, should be included in this thread…

El entonces Superior General de los Jesuitas, recomendó no consagrar como Obispo a Bergoglio por tener una personalidad desequilibrada.

English translation (Google)

“The Wanderer On the report he sent to the Congregation of Bishops who was at the time General Superior of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, when he was asked to give his opinion about consecrating Fr. Jorge Bergoglio as auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires Aires. He strongly advised against arguing that the priest was suffering from severe psychological disorders. Those who suffered as archbishop can attest to these imbalances, as was also demonstrated by the fact that he was a nuncio in Argentina, Bishop Adriano Bernardini, who defined him as a “man ill with power” (Diego GENOUD, Massa. , Buenos Aires, 2015, p.96)


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6 comments on “Serious (?) Developments re. Jorge’s Mental Stability

  1. I cannot vouch for the information, save for anything Rorate vetted.

    The article from the “Wanderer” (not affiliated with the American paper using the same name) could or might not be serious journalism. I am only putting it out there as this story develops. I hope to have a summary from a Spanish friend at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  2. Okay, here is Google’s translation of the page:

    [ Note: Frankly, I cannot even begin to discern whether this is a serious report, although it looks like one. Obviously, it’s just another internet piece but if it does confirm the concerns many have regarding the pope’s mental stability, so be it.

    If it does not, then so be that, instead.

    Something horribly wrong is going on in Rome and if information like this will help explain it and reduce the impact, very well. If the Wanderer piece is just one more piece of blather, it at least offers some possible leads for serious journalists to investigate… ]


    “We learned yesterday of a new pontifical whim: the Holy Father modified the ceremony of the washing of the feet of Holy Thursday. The document states that “from now on, Pastors of the Church may choose the participants in the rite among all members of the People of God.” Without being a liturgist, I encourage you to make some observations:
    1. It does not seem to me that it is properly a modification of a rite and, if it is, it is a secondary detail. It would have been more serious, for example, to arrange that instead of washing the feet outside the washing of teeth, or that the pets or the Martians could also be chosen for the rite. With Bergoglio, everything is possible.
    2. In principle, it seems to me much more serious the disposition that John Paul II took a few decades ago allowing the girls and women to help mass. It is true that the altar boy is not an integral part of the rite, but for practical purposes it is much more impacting for a teenager dressed in dawn or cassock serving the wine in the chalice than a good lady to whom the priest washes his foot once year.
    3. I suspect that this disposition will give rise to the most varied dislates. For who am I to judge who belongs to the People of God? Can I tell a Jew, a Pentecostal, or a Muslim that they are not part of that caste? How awful! Far from us, Catholics, such discrimination. If even the atheists can be invited to offer their patitas as long as they sincerely seek the truth.
    However, beyond these considerations the specific case at hand, the fact is, once again, to confirm the serious condition suffering Pope Francisco: psychopathy. He does what he comes up with and because he comes up without measuring or looking at consequences.
    In this blog we have already commented several months ago about the report sent to the Congregation of Bishops who was at the time General Superior of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, when he was asked to give his opinion about consecrating Father Jorge Bergoglio as auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires. He strongly advised against arguing that the priest had severe psychological disorders. Who suffered the archbishop can attest to these imbalances, as attested also former nuncio in Argentina, Mons. Adriano Bernardini, who defined it as a “sick man of power” (Diego GENOUD, Massa. The unauthorized biography, American , Buenos Aires, 2015, p.96).
    Beyond this information, which many will reasonably doubt, it is a matter of reviewing the main features of a psychopath as defined by psychiatry:
    1- Emotive: The emotional / interpersonal area, is undoubtedly the most difference to the normal person psychopath. You could say that they do not feel the emotions like the rest of the people. They are shown as talkative people, express themselves with charm, have lively answers and present very improbable but convincing stories, which leaves them in good stead.
    Do you remember the amazing coldness you express in the videos when you greet the family of Asia Bibi or the boyfriend of his exalumno, or who took the cane of Santa Teresa?

    2- Surface: much superficiality is observed, speaking of attractive things for which no preparation, such as poetry, literature, sociology, or philosophy. And it does not usually matter much if it is proven that their stories are false, or put it in evidence.
    In this case, it is a matter of reading a couple of sermons or allocutions and will be sufficient to realize their superficiality and supine ignorance.

    3- Narcissists: The psychopath also has a very high self – esteem, high narcissism, a huge egocentrism and a pervasive feeling that everything is allowed. It feels the center of the universe.
    That is why it changes without a rite, for example, or leaves in the street to Cardinal Burke, or wants to give communion to those who live in a situation of adultery. Nothing opposes his omnipotent will.

    4- Colds: No experience any concern about the effects of their actions on others and sometimes clearly manifested. This lack of remorse and guilt leads him to have a “cold” and emotionally detached behavior.
    “What they did to you!” Is his best-known phrase. He did not mind leaving the curia staff out of work, chasing priests in an awful way, manipulating bishops, or spying on members of his presbytery. Have you noticed, moreover, that you never mention your mother? And he never mentioned her during his episcopate in Buenos Aires. The late Omar Bello, his friend and author of a biography, was frightened in the face of this coldness with respect to no less than to the one who had given him his life.

    5- mythomaniacs: They also have great difficulty in putting in place of others (empathy), and tend to lie, cheat and manipulate in order to get their way.
    It would come in handy to cite precise information that illustrates this feature, but I do not have permission to do so. However, in this blog we have highlighted on several occasions the times in which Bergoglio has blatantly lied. And the worst thing is that he does not care.

    6- Impulsive: A behavioral level is often an impulsive person, who does not value the pros and cons of their actions. This same impulsivity leads to poor behavioral control, is extraordinarily reactive to what he considers to be provocations or insults, which are not considered as such by others, acting with physical and verbal violence, usually disproportionate to the “offense” Suffered. It does not have the capacity to inhibit its response, which is usually very aggressive, both physically and verbally.
    We could cite here the reaction he had against the cardinals who signed the letter during the Synod and who at the time Sandro Magister reported or, even closer, the childlike and impulsive reaction he has had to President Macri who has refused to receive , And still to greet by telephone for his triumph and assumption of the judiciary.

    Certainly, several more characteristics of the psychopath could be added. But I think these six are enough to realize who Bergoglio is and who is managing the destinies of the Church of Christ. “

  3. And the psychological imbalances of Fr. Kolvenbach were …? I mean, like, seriously, what other statement from the head of the Jesuits would you find worth the bytes it was encoded in?

  4. Cyprian, taken in the context of “popular perception,” you do make a point.

    The tragic legacy of Jesuitical leftism, among many of its priests, is quite well known.

    Since Rorate put a journalistic premium upon tracking down the “yet-missing letter,” I gave it some credence and attempted to show what other Spanish-speaking observers have had to say on the matter of the pope’s mental state, since earlier this year. Thus, in order to offer lines of investigation worth exploring, I posted what I could find.

    All one can do now is research whether there is a canonical provision for cases in which a pope found “nuttier than a fruitcake” can be gently escorted off to a skilled nursing care facility and a new election arranged.

    Even were such a remedy to exist, we’d still have to overcome the precedent set by Benedict IX of amazingly inglorious and stupendously fetid memory.

    He quit twice, changed his mind twice and thus ruled thrice. Bribery and orgies were his stock in trade. Although whatever he had to say while “visiting” as pope on three different occasions does not contain any heretical matter, as far as I’ve seen.

    Yet, he is still recognized as a legitimate successor of Peter.

    • It is a nice thought that Francis could be declared “nuttier than a fruitcake” and be sent to the Funny Farm.

      • I understand that Bubba started singing that very tune as soon as his publicity agent informed him, early in the morning of 9 November, 2016, that the most she could get people to pay for one of his speeches was a buck thirty-eight. And, he had to bring his own bottled water and a sub if he wanted to eat.

        Like Ol’ Blue Eyes said, Ridin’ high in April, shot down in May…

        (Schadenfreude IS fun!)

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