Adult Tantrum Disease

There’s a new disease out there folks and it is called Adult Tantrum Disease, ATD for short. It’s quite similar to Infant Tantrum Disease or ITD which is often displayed in grocery stores whereby the infants lie in the aisles, screaming and kicking their feet because they can’t or didn’t get their way. In the case of adults, or should I say supposed-adults, it is displayed by the seeming inability or desire to accept an outcome that doesn’t meet their expectations. Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton come immediately to mind as do Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and scores of others with similar predispositions. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for the disease, folks, except a swift boot in the posterior for adults and a crack in the posterior for the infants.

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2 comments on “Adult Tantrum Disease

  1. The article fails to mention Pope Francis and his temper tantrums when opposed

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