“First Vespers for the ‘protection of Creation’, yes. First Vespers for the Coming of Our Lord, no.”

“First Vespers for the ‘protection of Creation’, yes. First Vespers for the Coming of Our Lord, no.”

NOV 28, 2016 by HILARY WHITE

Apparently, Francis Bergoglio doesn’t like First Vespers of Advent.

Well, we already knew that he generally doesn’t much like the religious part of religion.

More and more people are waking up to the self-evident fact that Bergoglio simply isn’t a Catholic, and that he wants to place himself as the head of an entirely new religion-free religion. He has already abolished or ignored multiple liturgical celebrations of the Catholic year, and has invented quite a lot of new stuff that bears very little relation to the Catholic religion. I hadn’t heard about the “First Vespers for the protection of Creation”… or maybe I did and it just got drowned out in the avalanche of monstrous, anti-Catholic novelties, horrifying blasphemies and heresies pouring out of the Vatican for the last 44 months.

The fact that there are millions of lay Catholics, and nearly the entire episcopate, perhaps most priests and religious all eagerly running after his New Paradigm – almost as if they had been prepped to embrace it for, oh, I don’t know, maybe the last few decades – demonstrates that he is NOT THE PROBLEM. He’s nothing more than the final expression of the new religion that has been systematically injected into the Mystical Body of Christ since 1965.

The one most important aspect of the success of this New Paradigm has been stealth. It has masqueraded as Catholic, its apologists and promoters have called its various blasphemous tenets by Catholic names. The process required first that the Catholic faithful not receive any instruction that might tend to contradict it or alert them to its presence. Once their religious knowledge had been drained to nothing, this New Paradigm could be inserted in its place in a smooth transition that hardly anyone would notice. And hasn’t it worked brilliantly!

Indeed, Modernism was so diabolically clever one might be inclined to think that it was not entirely of human origin… perhaps. But its main vector was lies, distortions, confusion and deception. This is why I have said so many times that Bergoglio is not the problem; he could very well be the solution.

His very brazenness is perhaps the only thing that will alert the remaining believers (there aren’t many) to their danger.

As I said at the Remnant in 2015:

The trouble with this idea is that Francis isn’t an anomaly; he’s a predictable result of the Neomodernism that has infested the Church since the close of Vatican II. The commenter’s idea is that he is an isolated and inexplicable outlier, something like a tick that has just dropped onto the Church at random and who can be burned off once discovered by saner heads. If that were the case, if there were any saner heads available, he wouldn’t have been elected pope in the first place.

Pope Francis is not the problem. Neomodernism is the problem. Pope Francis is more like the fruiting body of the cordyceps mycelium that has infested every last corner of the Catholic Church’s ecosystem. In the natural world, in the forest floor the mycelium are pervasive, but because of all the other processes at work in the soil, the various chemical processes, bacteria, insects, temperature, etc., it isn’t possible for them to utterly take over the whole ecosystem of the forest and kill and eat every other growing thing in it. Unfortunately, the Church’s theological ecosystem doesn’t work the same way, though I think this is more or less how most “conservative” Catholics think it does.

In the analogy that, I swear, just popped unbidden suddenly into my weird brain – probably because of too many nature shows as a kid – Pope Francis is the cordyceps fruiting body that is sprouting out of the infested body of the host of the papacy. The spores of Neomodernism have been bursting out of him since his first moment on the loggia.

Here are some observations from an Italian blogger, the Chronicles of Papa Francesco…

First Vespers for the “protection of Creation”, yes. First Vespers for the Coming of Our Lord, no.

Abolished the First Vespers of Advent in the presence, and guided by the Supreme Pontiff Francis (*). An oversight? No! A huge undertaking, a trip, an urgent visit? No! Simply, the Holy Father does not consider them important while on the contrary, imposed to the whole Church the obligation of the celebration of Vespers for Creation of September 1.

Put it this way, and not through our personal opinions, or vision, subjective interpretation of the facts, as well as for a series of decisions taken by Pope Francis. And no mistake, no mention of liturgical abolition in the Church, but the presence of the Supreme Pontiff in liturgical events, for the faithful, vital.

– Abolished the public papal Mass for the Solemnity of the Assumption into Heaven August 15;

– Abolished the Eucharistic Adoration with the Pontiff during papal visits or WYD, in meetings with young people;

– Imposed on the Church of the First Vespers for Creation of September 1, in the presence of the Supreme Pontiff;

– Abolished the First Vespers of Advent in the presence of the Supreme Pontiff;

– Abolished the greeting (genuflecting) of the Blessed Sacrament by the Supreme Pontiff, during visits to the churches;

– Abolished the Eucharistic Adoration during religious meetings in St. Peter’s Square. During the Year of the Jubilee of Mercy he has not made a single adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, publicly;

– Abolished the presence of the Supreme Pontiff at the public Procession of Corpus Christi in Rome, when the Popes of the past, prisoners in the Vatican City, limited themselves to it in the Piazza, so as not to miss this valuable testimony to the faithful: Peter humbly kneeling before the King of kings.

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One comment on ““First Vespers for the ‘protection of Creation’, yes. First Vespers for the Coming of Our Lord, no.”

  1. Not to quibble, but didn’t Francis preside at public adoration of the Blessed Sacrament & recitation of the Rosary back in 2013 (I think?) when Obama was beating the drum for an invasion of Syria? I thought at the time: this must have been planned by Benedict XVI’s M.C. because it seemed so traditional compared to the style of the informal “humble” pope. Of course, this event served a political end, so it may be likened to when a liberal pastor dons his clerical dress (which he normally eschews) when hitting up parishioners for big donations.

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