Bergoglio: No “Torture” in Hell

Apparently, Jorge thinks it’s the equivalent of a grade B James Dean movie – lots of ennui and juvenile loathing – but no demons, no hot lead being poured down gullets, no unbearable stench, noise or terror that lasts forever.

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7 comments on “Bergoglio: No “Torture” in Hell

  1. So glad Jorge cleared all that up for us!

  2. What!? This is incredible!
    Are you actually telling me that this Pope believes in Hell?
    Are you actually telling me that this Pope believes in the Devil?

    Sure, his idea of Hell may not be of a punishing prison, but more of a one and half star motel that is disappointing. Not really following Our Lord’s words of a fire that doesn’t go out and a worm that never dies.

    But, at least he believes in Hell and in the Devil. Those two facts make me think that there may be some elements of the Faith in him.

  3. Jorche obviously didn’t visit Castro’s prisons. [He didn’t even visit the flock, as they were whisked away by Castro’s goons at the behest of Cardinal Ortega. But I digress.] There is a special chamber for Castro now, with the fire and the worm and excruciating reminders of all the pains and horrors he visited upon his victims. Justice demands it. Justice also demands that the Vicar of Christ repent of his campaign of obfuscation and start teaching the truth, lest he find himself in the special chamber below reserved for bishops and popes who fail the flock.

  4. We are always taught to forgive the neighbors faults. Even more so, to pray for the salvation of individuals on when someone commits a sin that hurts another physically, it is something that one could repent and never do again. And even murder can be forgiven,because God can always restore the body. But if a person causes the loss of another’s eternal soul, how can we forgive? The loss is irreparable and eternal. How can we forgive Francis or even Woijtyla for having lead someone astray with their ecumenism and erroneous Theolgy (especially using their Papal office for promotion of Religious Liberty) and caused a loss eternal? After all, they did not have to accept the responsibility, unlike a Theif who may have from social situations, gotten himself involved without wanting. I can much more easily forgive a thief or murderer who got themselves involved with the wrong crowd than the Conciliarist Popes.

    • After all, they [popes] did not have to accept the responsibility

      Bingo. NewChurch loves to use ignorance and what not to excuse faults. If the pope is ignorant, then who isn’t? Aren’t we all then saved (except for some trads and SSPX, of course) — but actually, we’d all be lost because then the Church would be dead. No. The correct answer is that the popes are evil, not ignorant. But even in their case, they could be forgiven. It would require public recantation, public penance, and public correction of their errors. We haven’t seen that, so it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Obviously he doesn’t want torture there ’cause that’s where he’s headed.

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