Cardinal Burke disagrees with Pope Francis: “Traditional ritual is no exception for nostalgics”

Cardinal Burke disagrees with Pope Francis: “Traditional ritual is no exception for nostalgics”

[Hat-tip and Google translation of Kardinal Burke widerspricht Papst Franziskus: „Überlieferter Ritus ist keine Ausnahme“ to PewSitter]

Gisueppe Nardi
November 25, 2016

(Rome) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke disagrees with Pope Francis: “The traditional Roman rite is no exception”.

On November 10 came in Italy, the new Pope’s book “In your eyes is my word” (Nei tuoi occhi è la mia parola) in bookstores. Edited it was the Pope’s confidant Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, head of the Roman Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica. The book mainly contains texts of sermons and speeches that Jorge Mario Bergoglio had held before his election as Pope as archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Pope Franziskus: “Only an exception for nostalgics”

Part of the book is also a detailed, current interview. Spadaro also asked the Pope about the “Latin Mass”. In reply, Francis said that the traditional form of the Roman Rite was “just an exception for nostalgics.” The complete passage of the book reads:

“The Latin Mass? “Only one exception,” the Pope said clearly: “Pope Benedict has made a proper and generous gesture to meet a certain mentality of some groups and persons who had nostalgia and who were distant,” emphasized Bergoglio, by speaking of the Tridentine Mass , Which was introduced by Ratzinger in 2007 with the motu proprio for all priests who want to celebrate them. , But it is an exception. ”
Cardinal Burke: “No exception. The motu proprio of Benedict XVI suffices. to read”

Yesterday, the eminent US American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke responded to this statement by the Pope. In an interview with the Internet newspaper La Fede Quotidiana (FQ) of the Cardinal Patronus of the Order of Malta, which is one of the four cardinals have brought the controversial post-synodal Letter Amoris laetitia tribulation said that Pope Francis with Dubia (doubt):

FQ: In the new book by Father Spadaro “In your eyes is my word” called Pope Francis the traditional Roman rite an “exception”. What do you think about this?

Cardinal Burke: That he is no exception. He is the Mass of the Church of all times and therefore he can not be overthrown and has equal dignity. For the rest, it is sufficient for the motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI. Which is unambiguous.

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  1. [Hat-tip to PewSitter: “Famous Liturgist Nicola Bux, Sides with Cardinal Burke Against Pope Francis on Question of Latin Mass”]

    Don Nicola Bux rejects Pope Francis in the liturgical prayer: “Traditional rite is no exception”

    Google translation of Don Nicola Bux widerspricht Papst Franziskus in der Liturgie-Frage: “Der überlieferte römische Ritus ist keine Ausnahme, außer man will Summorum Pontificum richten”

    Giuseppe Nardi
    November 25, 2016

    Don Nicola Bux contradicts Pope Franziskus in the liturgy question: “The Roman rite handed down is no exception, unless one is directed against Summorum Pontificum”

    (Rome) Cardinal Raymond Burke, the eminent religious lawyer, does not contradict the assertion of Pope Francis, that the Roman rite handed down was “only an exception for nostalgics”. Also one of the most famous liturgists, Don Nicola Bux, raises contradiction.

    Since 10 November, is the new Pope’s book (Nei tuoi occhi è la mia parola) “In your eyes my word is” in bookstores. In this interview Pope’s confidant, Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, Pope Francis tells the Latin Mass:

    “The Latin Mass? Only one exception. Pope Benedict has made a proper and generous gesture to meet a certain mentality of some groups and persons who have had nostalgia and are distant. But it is an exception. ”
    This was contradicted yesterday Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the most renowned canon lawyer, referring to the motu proprio Summorum Pontifikum of Benedict XVI.

    The Pope is also contradicted by one of the most famous liturgists, Don Nicola Bux. The interview was conducted by the Internet newspaper La Fede Quotidiana:

    FQ: Dn Nicola, the traditional Roman rite is an exception?

    Nicola Bux: It is not in the Motu Proprio of Pope Benedict XVI. Rather, one reads explicitly that the two rites have the same dignity. This is what the Pope writes, not me. Therefore, we can not say the document at hand, that it is an exception, unless one wants to come to a conclusion which is directed against the document of the Pope.

    FQ: whence this “exception”?

    Nicola Bux: I do not know. We are probably in the area of ​​interpretations, which, however, are not confirmed in the document of Pope Benedict XVI.

    FQ: of traditional Roman Rite: Many young people approach him recently with interest. Why?

    Nicola Bux: I can confirm that there is a renewed interest, especially among young people. I am of the opinion that this has to do with the fact that there is a need for mysticism, a quality which the traditional rite preserves and encourages. Of course it can be said that this rite has no monopoly on mysticism, and it is also possible in the traditional rite to celebrate sloppily.

    FQ: Sermon: Can we say that it is a “political” speech, as it has asserted Francis?

    Nicola Bux: This definition seems ambiguous and requires clarification. When it comes to reading the day-to-day readings of current affairs from the concrete life, it is legitimate to speak of politics. I would like to say: When one immerses in the life of our time. The sermon, however, must not enter a straight step into political life in the sense of party politics. Not that one.

    FQ: As a theologian: Is there divine penalties laid down by around Father Cavalcoli broken polemics?

    Nicola Bux: In the Scriptures, the Old and the New Testament, we find different moments in which is open from God’s punishment of the question. In the Gospel, for example, there is the episode of the Tower of Siloah and the massacre of Pilate. It can be concluded, “If you are not converted, you will perish in the same way.” A natural catastrophe or violence by humans is not necessarily to be seen as a punishment for sin, because they can meet innocent people, but as a reminder To reverse. Jesus has said it: the Father rains over good and bad. The point is that many think that God, if he exists, has nothing to do with their lives, though they promptly complain when a catastrophe befalls them, and ask where God was.

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