I See the Hand of God in This.

There’s only One Person that I know who can bring forth good from evil and that Person, dear friends, is Almighty God. I’m referring to the US Election of course. As I hear the media lapdogs clamoring for DJT to announce his cabinet, so they can prepare to obstruct, deny and dismiss, I think of the element of surprise which denies to an enemy knowledge of one’s battle plans. And, of course, we are in a battle with the most intelligent and capable of enemies – Lucifer himself. But, think of it folks – DJT could invoke the element of surprise by simply saying: “I am not required to announce anything in advance; you’ll find out on January 20th.”

Why do I say “bring forth good from evil? Well, among two candidates that admittedly were flawed, God did not pick a spotless hero to put our country on the right track. He didn’t select someone recommended by the Vatican or USCCCP. He didn’t even select a Catholic though I wouldn’t bet against DJT’s conversion from Protestantism to strict, and I do mean strict Catholicism. Before you start doubting the possibility think of the landscape. Is there anyone else that could use conversion to such great advantage at this point in time. Already we are seeing before our eyes the “wailing and gnashing of teeth” among the disbelievers out there. And that includes many bishops, cardinals and others with high positions in the church.

So, I see the hand of God in this and I realize fully that there will be many that see otherwise but, as the saying goes: “that’s my view and I’m sticking to it.” God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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