Boston’s Catholic mayor vows to fight for abortion access

Boston’s Catholic mayor vows to fight for abortion access

[Another big-city pro-abort mayor with the local cardinal or archbishop as his bosom-buddy]

Catholic World News – November 17, 2016
Mayor Martin Walsh of Boston, Massachusetts, has vowed to keep abortion clinics open in the city, even if President-elect Donald Trump succeeds with pro-life initiatives.

Walsh said that if the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision is overturned, and the issue of legal abortion is again governed by the states, the city of Boston should probably have more abortion providers, to ensure that the procedure is available to women traveling from other states where abortion is banned. “That is something I am sure we will be focusing on as we move forward,” he said.

Although President-elect Trump has never suggested a federal ban on abortion, and a Supreme Court reversal of Roe seems unlikely in the near future, Mayor Walsh burnished his pro-abortion credentials by saying that he would fight to preserve access to abortion:

Working with the legislature to make sure the laws don’t get weakened. Working with health centers to make sure that, if there’s there’s threats of cutting back federal funding to those health centers for any type of reproductive rights, working with all the health centers in the city of Boston to make sure there is an open-door

Mayor Walsh, who identifies himself as a Catholic, has been a regular speaker and honored guest at fundraising events within the Boston archdiocese. This year he joined with Cardinal Sean O’Malley to promote a pilgrimage to the Irish shrine of Our Lady of Knock—although the mayor did not make the trip because of schedule conflicts.

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