Licit, but not valid?

ASK FATHER: Will SSPX priests be able to absolve validly after the Year of Mercy closes?

From a reader…


I’ve been searching through the Internet, and since I’ve found absolutely nothing regarding this matter, I’ve thought I might as well just send this question to you so that you can be the first (hopefully) to write about it. The Year of Mercy is about to end, what happens to SSPX’s faculties for confession after this Sunday? Any updates or comments about it? This is very important to me, as their confessions have benefited me greatly in the last year, and the SSPX chapels here in Malaysia are the only place in my ENTIRE COUNTRY (9 dioceses large) that the Sacraments in the traditional rite are offered.

Good question.  I have a couple feelers out about this matter and I am waiting for responses…

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6 comments on “Licit, but not valid?

  1. I’ll listen to Fr. Hesse any day over Fr. “Z”:

  2. Agree Tim, and gpm. And I’ll listen to our SSPX priests before I listen to Fr. Zzzzzzzz.

  3. The question/premise is, if I may use the term, howlingly absurd!

  4. Did the society understand the pope’s ‘true’ intention or is this Fr. Z’s interpretation of what he said?

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