Francis-appointed Cardinal Kevin Farrell – the new apostate from the Truth – accuses God the Holy Spirit of being a liar and a deceiver!

Francis-appointed Cardinal Kevin Farrell – the new apostate from the Truth – accuses God the Holy Spirit of being a liar and a deceiver!

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Newly appointed Cardinal, Bishop Kevin Farrell, an American and head of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life has given an interview to the French publication, La Croix published also at the National un-Catholic Reporter:

“Honestly, I do not see how and why some bishops seem to think they have to interpret this document, “said in an interview to the National un-Catholic Reporter to be published on Thursday, November 17, the one to whom Pope Francis entrusted the pastoral family.”

“I believe that the document Amoris laetitia is faithful to the doctrine and teaching the Church,” he said in response to the four cardinals who see it as a break with the teaching of John Paul II. “It is based on the doctrine of Familiaris consortio of John Paul II,” he adds. I believe him passionately.”

“It is the Holy Spirit who speaks to us,” he hammered. Do we think that the Holy Spirit was not there at the first synod? Do we think he was not at the second synod? Do we believe that he did not inspire our Holy Father Francis by writing this document??”

Is this man deluded or just evil?

The document has been “interpreted” in a heretical fashion because heresy and error is in it.

The Bishop of Rome has acknowledged that the heretical interpretation of the Bishops of Buenos Aires is the correct one. This is gravely compounded by the fact that the Vicar of Rome, essentially the equivalent of an Associate Pastor with the Pope being the Pastor of Rome, has taken the same approach to Holy Communion for the civilly divorced and remarried while the first marriage is valid.

The reality is that there were never enough Catholics for this to matter enough. Catholics divorced and remarried are in the most part, not practicing their faith. If they were, they would return to their first spouse and if that was not possible they would live as brother and sister.

He states that it is based on the doctrine in Familiaris Consortio. Wrong, he is deluded or a liar. Amoris Laetitia does not quote it directly and contradicts it.

Farrell goes so far as to claim that the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, has deceived the Church for two thousand years and only now has told us.

FrankenCardinal Farrell is a LIAR. He is a DECEIVER. He must be DENOUNCED as the HERESIARCH he is!

The war is on.

O God, be with Your Church and faithful Catholics against these deceivers who imperil your Sacred Bride and Your flock.

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