Tuesday Update for Baby Gabriel

First, endless thanks for everyone praying for this little fella.

Here is the latest update:

You’re prayers are working!! I can’t thank you enough! Please keep praying, he’s not out of the woods yet but his prognosis is improving! Here’s the latest from Sr MC:

“Some good news about baby Gabriel. Test over the weekend showed that the bleeding is not current but left over from surgery be reabsorbed by the body. So today at 3:30 they are going to go in to seal off a few more blood vessels. The test also showed that the aneurysm is decreasing in size and today’s surgery may be enough. there were Ten feeders and the radiologist said if it cut off about half the rest May heal itself.”

….”the radiologist said every surgery is dangerous because just one slip and it could mean disaster. So the prayers are very much needed”

May God reward each and everyone of you!!

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One comment on “Tuesday Update for Baby Gabriel

  1. Still praying for Gabriel and awaiting word on his latest surgery.

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