Randy Engel: Let Trump know Pro-Life Matters!

[This just came in my mailbox, and it’s what we must get cracking on. We need to give pro-life suggestions to Trump via greatagain.gov , his transition team website. Also, does anyone have an inroad to Kellyanne Conway? Trump knows she got him in office, so he’ll listen to her. Think of names, e.g., Pat Buchanan?]

Please circulate far and wide today

November 13, 20016

Dear Friends of God, Family and Life,

I am sending you this action-directed memo to remind you that with the Trump victory some 4,000 political appointees will be selected to fill the vacancies left by Obama personnel. Hopefully some of the unnecessary appointments will simply be eliminated, but there will remain important jobs for prolife people to fill in every government department especially in the Health and Human Services area which handles domestic population control programs like the “Stop the Stork” Campaign, and the U.S. Agency for International Development which handles the foreign population control agenda.

I recently looked at the priorities of the Trump Transitional Team and did not see “Pro-Life Matters” listed. I did not see listed the key issue of POPULATION CONTROL [aka government ‘family planning’ programs’] which embraces government promotion of surgical abortion, abortifacients, sterilization, contraception, sex initiation programs, euthanasia, homosexuality, transgender surgery, and other anti-life programs and policies.

It appears the prolife wheel better start squeaking if we want to be heard.

Please go to www.greatagain.gov which will get you to the Trump Transition Team site. On the right of the screen hit “Share Your Ideas” and write in “Prolife Matters, and your comments in the “My Story” space.

I have already sent in my suggestions for Surgeon General [Dr. Paul Byrne] ; Advisor to the President on Prolife Affairs – non-paying position [Rep. Robert Marshall of Virginia, author of the prolife legislative guide Bayonets and Roses] ; Director for the Office of Population Affairs/USAID [Marielena Stuart]; Head of the Food and Drug Administration [Bogomir M. Kuhar, head of Pharmacists for Life International, or someone appointed by him]; Assistant Director for Population Affairs [Steven Mosher, Population Research Institute].

I see that President Elect Trump has been toying with a dangerous States Rights approach to abortion rather than a no-exception Human Life Amendment which would acknowledge the “personhood” of the unborn child. The March for Life next January will be a big boost for the latter. We need to press this point.

Also, the Homosexual Collective is already on the move. They are opposing the appointment of Ken Blackwell as Domestic Advisor because Mr. Blackwell states the truth –
Homosexuality is a choice and is not inborn. So you may want to state for President Trump’s edification that government should support virtue NOT vice. No federal funds for the Homosexual Collective. Period.

I am sure you have some ideas for appointments of your own. Now is the time to express them.

Let the Transition Team understand PROLIFE MATTERS!!! Randy Engel, Director, U.S. Coalition for Life, Box 315, Export, PA 15632 724 327 7379

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