Does The Pope Regard Traditional Catholics As Niggers Of The New Age?


Does The Pope Regard Traditional Catholics As Niggers Of The New Age?

Remember three years ago when Pope Francis asked “who am I to judge” when discussing the situations of gay people? It sure sounds so nice and non-judgmental now, doesn’t it? Contrast that with this screed that he uttered against those Catholics who prefer the Tridentine rite (Extraordinary Form). He speaks particularly derisively towards young people who prefer that rite over the Ordinary rite. To wit: “Pope Francis told Father Spadaro he wonders why some young people, who were not raised with the old Latin Mass, nevertheless prefer it. And I ask myself: Why so much rigidity? Dig, dig, this rigidity always hides something, insecurity or even something else. Rigidity is defensive. True love is not rigid.”

Let’s unpack this. Notice that he equates “preference for the Tridentine rite” with “rigidity”. Then “rigidity” is equated with “insecurity” and “not true love”. The pope is slandering those faithful Catholics who prefer the Tridentine rite, portraying them as “insecure”, “rigid” and not possessing “true love”. What ever happened to “who am I to judge?” Let’s address that now.

When the pope uttered that now-infamous quote three years ago, he was applying that to people living in states of mortal sin. With that, he avoided the task of rebuking sinner, of setting them on the path of salvation. However, when it comes to those Catholics who do obey Christ and His Church, he is quite judgmental towards them, demonizing their piety. In this LifeSiteNews piece, read what Anya Proctor has to say about her love for the Tridentine Mass. Her insights are nothing less than wise and profound. Do you think this young lady deserves to be belittled by the Vicar of Christ? Yet such is the treatment meted out to her and to countless others as well. Liturgyguy believes this screed by Pope Francis to be a direct insult to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Catholic Family News believes that we are being demonized as the new “deplorables” or as I’ve observed, this is more relegation of us to the status “niggers of the new age”.

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10 comments on “Does The Pope Regard Traditional Catholics As Niggers Of The New Age?

  1. I agree with the point made in your article, that the Pope incorrectly criticizes those who ‘prefer’ the traditional Tridentine Mass.

    However, I consider that you have made a serious mistake in introducing the ‘N-word’ into the discussion. This is quite uncalled for, and deeply offensive.. I urge you to rewrite your article, removing the N-word from the title and the ending of the article.

    Just list the offensive adjectives so wrongly actually used by the Pope concerning those loyal to centuries of Catholic Faith and tradition, concerning the Tridentine Mass.

  2. Looks like a drive-by Precious Snowflake “hit” to me, Tom.

    You indicated in caps the precise source and the link.

    Perhaps Jay Z or Lil Wayne, whose genre actually USES said “offensive word” constantly, might offer our drive-by PS visitor a “clarification” ?

  3. I tried to copy my above comment to the Restore-DC-Catholicism website, but I don’t have the right connections for them to print my words. Perhaps someone from Angelqueen could copy my text and get it accepted by Restore-DC-Catholicism, or write something similar of their own. I repeat that I find the use of the N-word not only grotesquely offensive, but totally out-of-context.

    • To quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Courtship of Miles Standish”: Priscilla Mullins’ retort, “Why don’t you speak for yourself, John [Alden]?”, who was relaying Miles Standish’s intentions of affection to her.

      If you can say such to Angelqueen, then you can say on your own to Restore-DC-Catholicism.

  4. Forgive me, for making yet one more contribution, hopefully my last.
    I live in England, and I am a white pro-tradition Catholic, believing that the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) founded by Archbishop Lefebvre has got it right.

    • Keep posting/commenting on Angelqueen. We accept pro-tradition Catholics regardless of race or culture. Some of our favorites are non-white and non-Western such as the current and previous cardinal-prefects of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship – namely, Their Eminences Robert Sarah from Guinea, Malcolm Ranjith from Sri Lanka, and Francis Arinze from Nigeria.

      • A most gentlemanly gesture, Tom.

        I endorse Tom’s suggestion, bwi.

        I’ve seen a number of liberal trolls, ever since last week’s post-election meltdown, posting on traditional sites. I mistook bwi’s comment (and, yes, I did understand his point) for one of those.

        An Irish friend of mine is well acquainted with Nigel Farage, if that will reassure our friend of where the general political sensibilities lie among many of us on this site.

        My apology for the mistake and I do hope you will be encouraged to remain with us, bwi.

        AQ is an oasis of sanity (if often laced with frivolity) for factual news accounts and exceptionally useful reports of true concern to all traditional Catholics.

        Hopefully, you will take Tom up on his invitation. You are not the first new poster to get hammered. I was thumped and bumped several times when I first joined nine years back as I did not fully comprehend just how AQ works for a month or two. Since, I’ve made some cherished friends, most especially true scholars like Tom, and am glad I persisted.

        Final note: That was the first time I ever saw the term to which you, bwi, took exception (and rightly so) on AQ. It is indeed a malicious slur, although its use in America has ironically been kept up by individuals I mentioned above. My post had to do with that irony, not so much that you’d raised your own point.

  5. I am so sorry that I have to write again, but I need to make an essential clarification of the way I have expressed my position in my earlier comments.

    I want to make it clear that from my very fist comment onwards, when I said that I found the use of the N-word ‘offensive’, I meant that I found it offensive to me, as a white Catholic and as a brother to all other human beings on the earth, that the author of the original Angelqueen/Restore-DC-Catholicism article should have chosen (totally unnecessarily) to raise the issue of the slavery and subordination of the African-American population over a period of centuries, and to use the ‘N-word’, which necessarily arouses tragic associations for African-Americans.
    To use this false ‘comparison’ as the basis for his disapproval of the Pope’s criticism of ‘traditional’ Catholics is, it must be clearly stated, an unforgivable error on the part of the author of the main article. My apologies to him for my plain speaking.

    • Your comments are appreciated. When I first saw the re-post, I was wondering what we might see in the comments. The word causes a strong reaction in many, especially now that we’ve suffered under our divisive racialist president for the last eight years.

      What’s interesting is how the US was breaking past racial divisions back in the 70’s. Some might recall this comedy sketch from Saturday Night Live with Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor where Chevy used the N word (pardon the poor quality, but this is the only full recording I can find):

      That wasn’t the only racial-based sketch in those days. What it signaled to me is that divisions were melting. It’s too bad that socialist forces are ramping up class and race division, and hence, conditions have deteriorated.

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