The Daily Beast on The Remnant: “Ultra-Conservative Catholic Rag!”

The Daily Beast on The Remnant: “Ultra-Conservative Catholic Rag!”

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

This just in from our “friends” over at the ult-Left Daily Beast:

“The pollsters were clearly wrong. Instead, exit data suggests that more than 52 percent of Catholics voted for Trump, with just 45 percent backing Clinton, which is remarkable since Catholics overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama in the last two elections. Catholics, unlike the pollsters, knew the sands were shifting.”

While this is more good news for us here at The Remnant, of course, The Beast isn’t happy about it one bit, and nor are they happy with us:

Michael Matt, editor of ultra-conservative Catholic rag The Remnant, put it like this: “These wretched human beings spend 24/7 ramming their pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, pro-perversion agenda down the throats of the American people,” he wrote when Trump’s now-famous tour bus locker room banter tape was released. “And now here they are pretending to faint away in horror over Donald Trump’s potty-mouthed locker-room banter eleven years ago. These same charlatans screaming for Donald Trump’s head today, spent the last year demanding that men be given the right to use girls’ showers and restrooms all over America. This moral indignation coming from the morally bankrupt is just a wee bit over the top. And it’s all about one thing, of course: Getting Grandma Clinton back in the White House.”

REMNANT COMMENT: A Catholic newspaper must be doing something right when it is calumniated as a “rag” by The Daily Beast — the powerful news organization owned by IAC (InterActiveCorp) whose board of directors includes the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton. It’s not for nothing that The Daily Beast was the Left’s most reliable cheerleader for Grandma Clinton’s presidential campaign.

And now, predictably ingracious in defeat, this media Goliath is throwing a temper tantrum at David. Whatever!

On a personal note and at the risk of sounding braggadocios, I must say that such desperate little potshots fired at The Remnant by far-Left, pro-abort hate-mongers make my day.

In fact, if readers are looking for another reason to support the work of The Remnant, I can think of none better than that The Daily Beast is stomping its cloven hoof and rending its fur coat over our little “ultra-conservative Catholic rag”.

Please help The Remnant keep it up, and hopefully provide them with even more reasons to hate us.

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