More Surgery for Baby Gabriel Next Monday

Latest news…

“Latest on Baby Gabriel, thank you and God reward you for your continued prayers! 

“Gabriel’s operation went very well yesterday. But we still need prayers because they discovered bleeding elsewhere in the brain. They are going in again on Monday. Maria says she appreciates everybody’s prayers”

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6 comments on “More Surgery for Baby Gabriel Next Monday

  1. Prayers ! God Bless !

    • Thanks, Skipper (and to everyone!).

      This li’l fella has really been through so much already and it will only continue. I understand that the medical team up in Seattle is very good.

      I also recall that we had a pediatric surgeon in my old home town who pulled off a great many “miraculous” surgeries over his exceptional career.

      Gabriel has ten or more brothers and sisters, all healthy, Deo gratias.

  2. Prayed tonight’s Rosary for poor little Gabriel.

  3. Prayers for little Gabriel.

  4. Still praying for Gabriel and his family.

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