In new interview, Pope laments ‘rigidity’ of youth who prefer Latin Mass; “to speak of a ‘reform of the reform’ is an error”

In new interview, Pope laments ‘rigidity’ of youth who prefer Latin Mass; “to speak of a ‘reform of the reform’ is an error”

[Francis rigidly opposes the rigidity of those (especially youth) who prefer the traditional Latin Mass or “speak of a ‘reform of the reform’”. Is His Holiness being “defensive” or “hid(ing) something, insecurity or even something else”?]

Catholic World News – November 11, 2016
Cardinal-designate Blase Cupich of Chicago joined Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, as a presenter at a Vatican press conference on the publication of Nei tuoi occhi è la mia parola (“In Your Eyes Are My Word”), the first unabridged collection of the future Pope Francis’s homilies and addresses from 1999 to 2013, when he served as archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Other presenters at the press conference included Father Arturo Sosa, the new superior general of the Society of Jesus, and Father Federico Lombardi, the former director of the Holy See Press Office.

The book is It also includes a new interview with Father Antonio Spadaro, editor-in-chief of Civiltà Cattolica. During the interview, the Pope spoke about the importance of listening to others and his method of preparation for his daily Mass homilies.

He also discussed the sacred liturgy. Crux reported:

Asked about the liturgy, Pope Francis insisted the Mass reformed after the Second Vatican Council is here to stay and “to speak of a ‘reform of the reform’ is an error.”

In authorizing regular use of the older Mass, now referred to as the “extraordinary form,” now-retired Pope Benedict XVI was “magnanimous” toward those attached to the old liturgy, he said. “But it is an exception.”

Pope Francis told Father Spadaro he wonders why some young people, who were not raised with the old Latin Mass, nevertheless prefer it.

“And I ask myself: Why so much rigidity? Dig, dig, this rigidity always hides something, insecurity or even something else. Rigidity is defensive. True love is not rigid.”

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10 comments on “In new interview, Pope laments ‘rigidity’ of youth who prefer Latin Mass; “to speak of a ‘reform of the reform’ is an error”

  1. Rigid
    bitter clinger
    basket of deplorables

    Hippie 1970’s liberals are now behind the times. We haters just said that enough is enough.

    I’m rubber and you’re glue!
    Elections have consequences!
    And all that.

  2. He is no father. And this is not holiness. Let’s hope Jorge becomes a Catholic before he dies.

  3. My last gasp effort to “put a good spin on” yet the fourteen thousandth news article about this Argentinian pontiff’s 24/7 campaign against the Catholic Church …

    “Ditto, Quo.”

    There really is nothing else to add.

  4. It is very sad and pathetic that as Europe is being invaded by genocidal anti-Christian barbarians who rape young women, chop off heads, and burn people in cages that this crazy Pope is whining and complaining about the Latin Mass and invoking the progressive modernist jargon about rigidity. There is something wrong with this man. Virtually every saint in the history of the Church attended the traditional Latin Mass and upheld the laws of marriage against divorce. Bergoglio is a disgrace. It is obvious he has Adult Child of Dysfunctional Parents Syndrome, is ashamed of Catholicism, and has an inordinate need to please and appease non-Catholics and secular progressives. What a pathetic example of the heretical modernist Spirit of Vatican II.

  5. This Argentinian jackweasel wouldn’t know Catholicism if it bit him in his misbegotten narthex. He’s the greatest argument for sedevacantism that ever drew an ill-conceived breath. To speak of “reform of the reform” is indeed an error. In truth, we should speak of a purge of demonic heretics such as JorChe.

    May his reign be short.


    There are multiple implications in the Pope’s comments. One that may be escaping notice is that Pope Benedict insisted in Summorum Pontificum that the current situation (since the advent of the Novus Ordo Missae) does not present two rites, but one rite in two forms. I personally think that Benedict’s opinion in this regard defies common sense. However, there must be a reason that Benedict insisted on this point. A reason that apparently has no significance for PF, who referred to the Tridentine Mass as the “extraordinary rite”.

    • I don’t have references at my fingertips, but I recall that Ratzinger admitted that the “EF” was a temporary dispensation, allowed for providing enrichment to the N.O., and maybe comfort for those “attached” to it. In other words, it’s Hegel: the destroyers concocted the N.O. as the most extreme deviation they dared, knowing that the timeless Mass wouldn’t admit such dramatic change. But then, they eventually let them “stew” together and synthesize the new and universal rite.

      From a Divine perspective, that I might dare to speculate, the N.O. was allowed so as to keep the swine from tearing at the beautiful ancient rite. Benedict’s synthesis would work to eventually wreck the TLM, but maybe Francis will simply ban it, hence keeping it safe from the destroyers until the next pope comes along.

      • I had the impression that Benedict expressed a wish that the two forms would influence each other. Which, now that you mention it, does seem to imply that the Tridentine Mass would be altered to its detriment.
        You present an interesting speculation that offers comfort. God truly is in charge!

      • I don’t think we have a good perspective on Providence. That’s when a martyr smiles at the Good God as he’s raked with hooks.

        I live too well to begin to understand it. But Providence will underscore the jaw-dropping perspective in our newly opened eyes–if we depart this life in His friendship. He has/had the motion set. We build and work and do great things for Him, but He greased the skids before we had the thought. It’s truly up to us to grow the flowers, but He makes the seed. What we’ll see, we can’t begin to imagine.

        The Holy Mass is not left to the whims of drunken cowards. Oh, that I might see the glorious outcome.

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