We Definitely Were Given One Last Chance Last Night

Congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump and his team.

An horrendous alternative loomed before us but that exists no longer.

We must be grateful God spared us. We must redouble our thanksgivings and seek earnestly, in prayer, for His guidance to begin to rebuild what the now-routed enemies of God have already destroyed.

Set the example. Capitalize on the graces we were not denied. There are enormous tasks ahead, spiritual and temporal. And we hold in our hands an opportunity to complete them pro libertate et exaltatione Sanctae Matris Ecclsiae, as well as our homeland’s highest common good.

We owe God, big time.

He hasn’t given up on us, yet.

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17 comments on “We Definitely Were Given One Last Chance Last Night

  1. One of the best victories over anti-Christian totalitarian evil since the Allies won D-Day with Overlord on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

  2. Congratulations ! Let’s pray we start to see some follow up.

    I must admit though. It was an amazing victory given that Trump was opposed by the mass media, Hollywood, the great majority of the outspoken wealthy class, etc. . . It was some victory, and I hope an encouragement for like minded people/politicians etc that nothing is impossible with God and a little good will.

  3. Deo gratias! Semper Deo gratias et Mariae!

  4. Make it a national holiday:

    Victory in America! – November 8th, 2016.

  5. It’s OVER!

    Break out the champagne and cigars.

  6. It’s been 24 years with the Clintons (longer for Arkansas folks), and we’re finally free. Free at last!

    We’ll deal with The Donald tomorrow.

  7. Praised be Jesus Christ! Deo gratias!

  8. Dear brothers in Christ,
    Hillary Clinton is more like a zombie than a witch. She will keep getting up and coming. Besides, in a few years, her daughter may be groomed to strike big in politics.

  9. There are other Illuminati puppets that the globalist elite will groom as Manchurian Candidates to replace her and Barack. She needs to be impeached and tried for her crimes. Ask yourself why the FBI stood down on the investigation. What’s her rank in the Illuminati that gives her a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card? Are they so far gone in Gnosticism and Luciferian occultism that they think she has special occult magical powers? This degenerate baby-killing hag is heading to hell. Look at her pathetic followers crying in hysteria. What is wrong with these people? Are they so demented by sin that they are blind to her depravity?

    We need vocations bad now because America needs an army of exorcists. Almost half the electorate voted for her.

    • Yes, such as Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren, who was Obama’s first choice to succeed him because of their similar backgrounds: Both former law professors ( UChicago and Harvard, respectively), catapulted to high office (US Senate) early in their political careers (he after 2 1/2 terms in the Illinois State Senate; she directly from Harvard Law).

      I always regarded Hillary as an Insider who came out to satisfy her ego and lust for power (“behind the scenes” was not good enough for her), married country bumpkin Bill Clinton to enhance her prestige as First Lady of Alabama and then the United States in order to give her a platform to implement her socialist agenda: First for national healthcare from her position as First Lady in the White House (if she had succeeded, it would be known as Hillarycare rather than the successfully achieved Obamacare), and then from public office in her own right as US Senator from New York, Secretary of State, and her two failed attempts for POTUS. Before she ran for the Senate, it was rumored that hubby Bill would lobby for her to become UN Secretary General or appoint her a Supreme Court Justice.

  10. One last chance is correct, Patrick. We must do all that we can to see this opportunity is not wasted. It will be interesting to see which way Catholics voted this time. I’ll be particularly interested to see who DJT appoints as members of his cabinet.

  11. Schadenfreude

    Published Wednesday, November 9, A.D. 2016 | By Donald R. McClarey



  12. Stay Frosty….

    Ann Barnhardt

    My email box is filling up with not just “you were WRONG!” emails, but emails casting Trump in messianic terms. Lots of phrases like “The anointed of God” and “The hand of the Lord is upon him”.

    Um, folks, that’s Christ, not Trump.

    The last time I had this creepy feeling of je ne sais quoi was on March 13, ARSH 2013. Really, really creepy and ominous.

    Stay frosty, don’t let your guard down. The uncertainty level his just gone parabolic. As an astute reader put it, ALL of these people would burn the whole damn thing to the ground in order to draw more power to themselves. False flag events, both domestically and abroad, and outright riot fomentation and incitement to violence seem likely in the coming weeks (by the Soros machine).

    Also, get used to the phrase “art of the deal”. You’re going to be hearing that a lot to explain why it is that actually doing what was promised is “simply unrealistic”.

    The phrase that most stuck out in his victory speech was, “The U.S. owes Hillary Clinton a major debt of gratitude for her service to the country.”

    I wonder if that debt is so major that it might require a presidential pardon to pay….

    And so it begins….

    Put not your trust in princes: In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation.

  13. America is Saved, for Now

    [Hat-tip to Canon212: “No Messiah, but no Hillary either”]

    Posted on November 9, 2016 by Keith Koffler

    Donald Trump’s victory is a great moment for the country, but less for what he will do than for what he will prevent. Because a victory by Hillary Clinton would have meant the finishing touches on the radical, permanent transformation of the nation begun by President Obama.

    First and foremost, the Supreme Court and the other high courts will not become a leftist, activist, enclave providing a green light for a liberal president intent legislating from the West Wing. The destruction of the Constitution by those who view it as whatever they want it to be will end. Trump probably will not exclusively appoint conservative justices, but the ones he will put into the judiciary will in no way resemble Clinton’s choices.

    The usurping of American culture by unfettered immigration from nations that do not share our values will be substantially slowed. Whatever is left of American values and morality will be preserved to perhaps fight another day, though the decline of the nation may already be irreversible.

    The continued destruction of our military — and of our ability to project power in the world — will stop. The U.S. armed services will be rebuilt. Despite Trump’s suggestions that he will decrease America’s role in the world, he will recognize dangers overseas and use a beefed-up military to address them. America will again be respected, because Trump will be feared, even if he is disliked or ridiculed. He will be feared both because he is unpredictable and he is strong. Obama was entirely predictable and consistently weak. Hillary would have added her demonstrably poor judgment to this mix.

    The inexorable expansion of government and the exponential growth of our debt will be slowed. Though he hasn’t talked about it much, Trump will rein in government and work to reduce the deficit. He is a businessman who gets that the public sector doesn’t work. Trump will slash taxes, and the economy, which has barely been growing under Obama, will finally begin to heal.

    The march toward the full socialization of our health care system be halted. The failure of Obamacare would have prompted Clinton to create a “public option” for Obamacare beneficiaries or seek the full transformation of the system into a Medicare-type scheme. Under Trump, the growing medical costs to consumers will slow, and the eventual rationing of services will be prevented.

    And political correctness, which has increasingly enslaved our country to untruthfulness that bends us toward liberalism, has taken a solid blow on the jaw.

    Trump is no angel. But his election prevents the installation into the White House of the Clintons, who have been plaguing our country for a quarter of a century with scandals, criminal behavior, rapacious greed, and rampant immorality. Four or eight years of the Clintons would have been more corrosive to our collective psyche than anything Trump is likely to inflict.

    Obama placed America on the road to ruin. The Founders already would not recognize this country. If Democratic rule had continued, they would have understood it to be unsavable.

    Trump is no Messiah. But by keeping those contemptuous of American values from continuing to run the nation, he has a chance to save the country.

    He doesn’t even have to be that great. He just has to not be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. And that he will do.

  14. For Now ! Evil is always present ! We must always keep our guard up ! Satin NEVER gives up !

  15. It is interesting what has been said by “Tom”:
    “First and foremost, the Supreme Court and the other high courts will not become a leftist, activist, enclave providing a green light for a liberal president intent legislating from the West Wing.”
    However, it should be noted that even if it may not be right now taken over, it does not mean it can’t happen in the future.
    The problem is the Constitution itself. Evil may be restricted under this Constitution, but the right and freedom to express the Evil is protected. Why have unrestricted freedom of Speech for everyone when implicit within this right to speak, is the ability to act upon on Idea and put it into practice. Humans are created to speak and assemble with a defined goal in mind. Speech is rarely without an object of Social implementation. Why bother with a First Amendment at all?
    A Constitution should simply read: “Christ is King of the State, and the Correct political, economic and legal concepts are to based on the understanding of how God created and corrected Humanity, which can only be understood through the orthodox Doctrinal and Moral Teaching of the Catholic Church, outside of which our nation cannot be saved”.

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