Update: More Surgery Thursday on Baby Gabriel

This little fella is undergoing a great trial as a newborn.

Please continue to pray for him. Here’s the latest from my friend who receives updates from his aunt, a nun:

“Just heard from Sr Mary C:

“Tomorrow Thursday at 11 a.m. baby Gabriel [will] be having another operation to seal off more of the area leading to the aneurysm his brain. Please say some prayers for another 100% successful operation”

“Thank you all these people are certainly going to be rewarded for their act of Charity in Praying for Gabriel.”


“From what I understand he’s going to need several of these procedures. He’s barely a month old. Thank you for your charity in pulling for this little tyke!

“God bless you”

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2 comments on “Update: More Surgery Thursday on Baby Gabriel

  1. He and his family are having a challenging time!.
    Continuing with prayers for Gabriel and his family. I also have a friend praying for him as well.

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