Father Cavalcoli: “Pope Francis is Not Heretical. But He Surrounds Himself With False Friends and Bad Advisors”

Father Cavalcoli: “Pope Francis is Not Heretical. But He Surrounds Himself With False Friends and Bad Advisors”

Italian earthquakes were God’s punishment, priest says—prompting Vatican rebuke

Catholic World News- November 07, 2016

An Italian Catholic priest has caused an outrage by saying that the recent earthquakes that shook central Italy were “divine punishment” for the acceptance of same-sex unions.
Father Giovanni Cavalcoli told a radio audience that the two earthquakes were a punishment for sins, “such as civil unions,” which were officially recognized in Italy beginning in May.
The priest’s remarks drew a sharp rebuke from the Vatican. Archbishop Angelo Becciu, the deputy Secretary of State, said that Father Cavalcoli’s “offensive statements” reflected an image of a “capricious and vengeful God.” The Vatican official remarked: “That is a pagan vision, not a Christian one.”
Undaunted, Father Cavalcoli said that Vatican officials should “go over their catechism.”

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Pater Giovani Cavalcoli: “There is a lot of disinformation. The signs of a confused Church. It appears there is a masonic maneuver againstRadio Maria in process.”

(Rome) Last Saturday, the 5th of November, Radio Maria Italy has dismissed Father Giovanni Cavalcoli, one of the best-known moral theologians in Italy, who is close to Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican dissociated itself publicly from the statements by the Dominican, which the latter, really need had not have done at all. He was alleged to have claimed that the earthquakes in Central Italy was the punishment of God for the legalization of “homosexual marriage.” [Homosexual is such a ridiculous word.]

The Catholic online daily La Fede Quotidiana (LFQ) spoke to the 75-year-old priest about the criticism from the Vatican. The moralist found clear words of disapproval for the Vatican’s approach. The Secretariat of State publicly “contradicted” him and the Vatican media prepared the spreading of blame against him worldwide.

Father Cavalcoli had not used public criticism of Pope Francis in the past. Rather, he has defended Pope Francis against a “too quick” criticism, which “goes astray in some Catholic circles.” Nevertheless, he became a victim of his faithfulness to ecclesiastical wretchedness.

“I confirm everything I said about the earthquake. What should I apologize for? If anyone needs to correct themselves, and to ask for forgiveness, it is they who should ask for forgiveness for their valorization of the heretic, Luther. ”

LFQ: Father Cavalcoli, do you regret it?

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli: No. To me, many have rushed at me with wild methods, including many
journalists, and this proves how great the disinformation and the ignorance of theology, doctrine, and catechism are. We are at the point where whoever observes these categories, causes commotion and outrage. Signs of a confused Church.

“No one is authorized to change the teaching and the Scripture.”

LFQ: Does God send punishments or not?

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli: The Catechism, the Holy Scripture and the Doctrine are clear, and no one is authorized to change them. God sends penalties, and the earthquake stands like our catastrophe before our eyes. The punishment of God is a response to the action of man. A simple example: If I drink ten liters of liqueur and then die, I have to attribute the blame to myself, that is my punishment. The Holy Scriptures are full of God’s punishments. ”

LFQ: You have spoken of civil unions (gay marriage) …

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli: I was misunderstood, or perhaps I expressed myself incorrectly. I have not referred to this law in the narrower sense. An explicit connection with a particular action can never be produced with ultimate certainty. But it involves vice and sinful and disordered behavior like homosexuality. God sends punishment to him who sins and knows what he is doing, consciously acting against the law of God.

LFQ: The State Secretariat, on the other hand, is in revolt …

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli: I worked there myself. I see with bitterness that today everything is different. And there are also Masonic infiltrations there.

“Freemasonry maneuvers against Radio Maria”

LFQ: This is where your reflections are called pagan …

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli: The true heathens are those who attack me. I am of the opinion that there is a masonic maneuver underway against Radio Maria, which is disturbing, and the station is probably at risk. Satan has long since penetrated into the Church and also into the Vatican. The pope is not heretical, but he surrounds himself with false friends and bad advisors like Kasper, Ravasi, Bianchi, Ronchi and Cantalamessa.

“Perhaps to apologize to those who have recently rehabilitated Luther”

LFQ: Will you correct yourself or apologize?

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli: I do not think of it, and confirm everything I said. In actuality they should apologize, those Catholics who had lately rehabilitated Luther, who may have done good, but is a heretic, and thus have caused much confusion. I am a serious Dominican with a straight backbone and not a bootlicker.

LFQ: And if Radio Maria should finally dismiss you?

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli: Then I will draw my conclusions from it. But I do not think so. I will not change my orthodoxy. The point is that a humanitarianism and a “misericordia-ism” are being spread, but justice is neglected. This is a disservice. God is infinitely good, but He desires repentance and punishes us if that does not happen. The mercy as a scatter gun principle, of which they are telling us, is really a deceit of a Lutheran manufacture. I do not think they will attack me any further, or put me on the sidelines. I have wide shoulders. They’ll think twice about that.

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2 comments on “Father Cavalcoli: “Pope Francis is Not Heretical. But He Surrounds Himself With False Friends and Bad Advisors”

  1. As a Dominican, Fr Cavalcoli is intimately familiar with the distinction between objectively material and subjective, formal heresy.

    Objectively, based on public words and public deeds, there can be no doubt whatsoever that whomsoever (quiscumque) wrote or spoke the enormities against both the natural and the Divine Law and against the infallibly defined Catholic Faith (as have “some” persons have made known to all interested parties) IS culpable for committing, knowingly or otherwise, objective material heresy.

    Whether those same “some” persons are, in fact, incapacitated or simply errant in their understanding is a matter for juridical determination.

    If the Church ever does take action (unlikely in the near future) and requires a formal declaration of where “some” persons actually stand on the various questions, then it would be lawful for any offending party to be judged as a formal heretic in a formal declaration by the appropriate ecclesial authority.

    But not before such inquiries and determinations have been carried out.

    At least, none of the heretical words and acts have been formally promulgated as worthy of belief, requiring the internal assent of the faithful.

  2. Evidently, there are some new-age churchmen who do not believe the Great Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were punishments sent from God for sin. They are also most likely the ones who believe that no one will really get sent to Hell at the Last Judgement. What fools these mortals be!

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