It’s time Fellas

Where is the loyal opposition? By that I mean those loyal FBI Agents who take their oath of office seriously and owe their loyalty not to a person, or a party, but to the Constitution. They should hold their own news conference to indicate their profound disagreement with Comey’s announcement. They should ask the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee to hold an emergency session, today, before any further votes are cast, to testify the facts surrounding the HRC investigation. Will this happen? Of course not, because the “fix” is in folks and the good ol’ boys network is alive and well in Washington DC. So, when DJT says that the people will act as “judge and jury” tomorrow at the polls he is absolutely correct.

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3 comments on “It’s time Fellas

  1. The fact that you don’t get the recommendation result you want doesn’t prove corruption and misconduct are running rampant. On the contrary, it seems that Director Comey is about the only mature adult left in the room.

  2. Anybody who handled classified material the way Hildabeast did would be in Leavenworth! The fact that anyone thinks in one week you can read all those e mails and come to a conclusion is delusional. Comey is nothing more than a corrupt clown, doing the bidding of a corrupt administration , populated by even bigger clowns and traitors !

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