Hillary Abuses the Pulpit

Hillary Abuses the Pulpit


November 7, 2016

Bill Donohue comments on Hillary Clinton’s speech at an African American church in Philadelphia yesterday:

Hillary Clinton took her campaign to Mount Airy Church of God in Christ yesterday afternoon. According to one report, “she urged parishioners of a black church in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane neighborhood to choose ‘hope over fear’ and vote to send her to the White House.” Another story described how she stood “at a wooden lectern in the center of a purple-carpeted altar,” making her pitch to the faithful.

There has been no complaint from the ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, American Atheists, or any of the secular humanist organizations. The Philadelphia media, including the Inquirer, have said nothing. Yet some Catholic bishops have been roundly criticized for merely advising parishioners to consider the right to be born as the preeminent right when casting their vote.

If keeping church and state separate is important, and it is, then those who egregiously cross the line—on either side—should be sanctioned for doing so. But when it comes to turning a black church into a campaign stop for Democratic candidates, the liberal establishment goes mute.

What’s driving the silence is obvious: white racism and political partisanship. So much for fidelity to the First Amendment.

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One comment on “Hillary Abuses the Pulpit

  1. [Newsweek abuses its freedom of the press, proclaims Hillary “Madam President” before the polls open!]

    Did Newsweek Already Print a Special “Madam President” Hillary Edition?

    Alleged images of magazine cause fury amongst Trump supporters


    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    November 7, 2016

    UPDATE: Newsweek has confirmed to Infowars that the ‘President Madam Hillary’ edition is real but “not for the public” to know about.

    Has Newsweek already printed a special “Madam President” issue that is being shipped out even before Americans vote in the presidential election tomorrow?

    That’s the question raging amongst Trump supporters, who have been circulating images of the magazine online.

    One of the images shows a “special commemorative edition” of Newsweek with Clinton on the cover behind the words “Madam President – Hillary Clinton’s Historic Journey to the White House.”


    A highly partisan blurb on a separate page talks about how Hillary defeated “fear and hate-based conservative peddled by Donald Trump” to triumph and ensure that “the highest glass ceiling in the western world had finally shattered.”


    A Twitter user who works as a bookstore tweeted the images with the comment, “I work at a bookstore and we typically get magazines early and lookie what we got here.”

    Her Twitter account was subsequently deleted after reporter Luke Costin chastised her for “fueling Trumpists’ hysteria about “rigged” #Election2016.”

    Trump supporters reacted to the images with a mixture of anger and disbelief.

    “The fix is in: Newsweek already has an issue in print, boxed and ready to ship, declaring Hillary Clinton the winner,” reported DC Clothesline.

    If it is real, why hasn’t Newsweek prepared a parallel Trump cover? Because, as we all know, this election is rigged and the mainstream media, which may not even include Newsweak, picked sides long ago,” commented True Pundit.

    “This is absolute bs,” remarked one user on The Donald Reddit. “It is now going to be a race to see who will announce a Democrat victory first, before the outcome of the election is actually known – just like Bush/Gore.”

    Others thought the whole thing was a hoax.

    “This is a psyop.. Dont bite.. The text actually says “deplorable” in it. Really Would they do that? This is just to piss you off so you waste your energy,” said one.
    “This cannot be real. The language in that blurb is absurdly partisan. Have a hard time imagining even the MSM writing that copy,” added another.
    Newsweek has been asked repeatedly whether the magazine is real but has failed to respond so far. If the issue is fake, it’s very convincing.
    Newsweek went digital only in 2012, but has been releasing special commemorative editions since that date, including one about Prince after his death in April.
    One thing we know for certain is that Newsweek will not be publishing a “special commemorative edition” of its magazine that is favorable to Donald Trump if he wins.

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