Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Amoris Laetitia

Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Communion for the Divorced and Remarried: ‘The Pope must stop this; pray that he will’

November 4th, 2016

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By James Todd

BERLIN, New Jersey – Bishop Athanasius Schneider was the guest celebrant of the Traditional Latin Mass at Mater Ecclesiae Parish on Sunday, October 23, 2016. Following the Mass Bishop Schneider gave a 40 minute conference on the topic of the Kingship of Christ. A Q and A period followed his presentation, during which time he answered a wide variety of questions related to the current state of the Church and the world.

Mater Ecclesiae, established in October of 2000, was the first canonically established Mission in the United States, owned by a Diocese and staffed exclusively by diocesan priests. All of its liturgies and sacraments are celebrated exclusively using the Traditional Rites of the Church. It is a flourishing parish with many vocations. Over the past 11 years Mater Ecclesiae has generated 7 vocations to the priesthood and religious life. This is a remarkable achievement from a parish that numbers fewer than 500 families.

Catholic Family News previously reported briefly on Bishop Schneider’s comments at Mater Ecclesiae. You can find their coverage here. In addition to this report, Bishop Schneider was asked about Amoris Laetitia during the Question and Answer period. He made some very strong statements about communion for the divorced and remarried that are reproduced here by Pewsitter.
Q.  You asked for clarification on Amoris Laetitia, do you expect that clarification will eventually be done?

Bishop Schneider:  The clarification of AL for which I asked in April, unfortunately it gets worse.  Even in the diocese of the Pope in Rome in September, his Vicar General, the Cardinal, presented pastoral guidance for implantation which ultimately allowed the divorced to go to communion.

But what we can do, we can in this situation publicly state and confess our faith in the unchanging truth of marriage.  We know that – of the previous and continuous Magisterium of the church.  And there is a good initiative which I would recommend to you on the Internet, Declaration of Fidelity to the unchanging truth of marriage… Declaration of Fidelity, you can find this on the website  And there you can give you signature and support to this. This is a public statement. We maintain firmly the truths that… , and then 27 statements. And then every statement is documented with quotations of the Magisterium, these are not our statements this is the Magisterium.

And I pray that the Pope may at least, issue a thing to the bishops in view of this very grievous situation of the diocese of Rome and other dioceses they already make norms to officially give communion to adulterers.  It is very, very grievous. Very grave. And I think in the face of this situation, in my opinion, the bishops have to make a public request to the Pope to stop this.

Q.  It seems to me that it is difficult to put the genie back in the bottle…. If communion for divorced and remarried people is allowed, how do you put a stop to it?  Is there anyway besides a miracle that this could happen?

Bishop Schneider:  I have already said about the Declaration of Fidelity to spread this.  And next is to pray that the Pope may stop this, and he MUST stop this.  Or the bishops, because the bishops are the colleagues of the Pope, the collegiality.. the bishops are members of the magisterium.  Only the bishops.  And so in my opinion the bishops have in this very serious situation extraordinary, the duty  to admonish the Pope, reverently but publically, to stop this.  And then to pray that God may intervene.
As a footnote, in addition to his comments on Amoris Laetitia, Bishop Schneider was asked a question about the refugee problem in Europe.  That brief exchange is printed below:
Q. Would you share your thoughts on the future of the European Society if the Muslim population continues to grow and expand.
Bishop Schneider:  Yes, it is very serious.  We are witnessing an invasion.  They are not refugees. No this is an invasion.  It is an islamization of Europe which has been going on for 50 – 60 years.  This is a global political agenda by the powerful of the world, to destroy Europe, culturally and religiously, to destroy Christianity ultimately in Europe.

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5 comments on “Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Amoris Laetitia

  1. Objectively, no one can tell whether the good Abp’s appeal for episcopal action will amount to anything more than yet one more voice in the wilderness.

    My concern is the overwhelming force of history behind this. Since the Reformation, and even before that, secular humanism and its evil spawn has gradually eroded the fervency of faith in all but a handful of Saints. Saints whose efforts alone prevented a complete collapse of the Church from within under bad, or at least very weak, Catholic authorities.

    The current crisis developed serious impetus as soon as St Pius X went to Heaven. As Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton of most felicitous memory warned, since Papa Sarto, all the Church has experienced is weaker and weaker popes who appointed more and more stupid men as bishops.

    The current polling results among Catholics are utterly discouraging. They are, in effect, not Catholic at all by dint of a massive apostasy wrought by the lack of orthodox catechesis and token pieties, a direct result of the complete collapse of episcopal example and exhortation, with very, very few exceptions.

    The only three prominent critics of AL and numerous other Bergoglian disasters, Cds Schneider, Burke and Sarah, have said some of the right things to force this crisis to a conclusion but it all remains in the realm of “warnings” and no action whatsoever has followed.

    I see nothing that, barring divine intervention, will change that.

  2. IMO this widespread apostasy is predicted in the Apocalypse and is a warning that the end times are very near. I recall that Bella Dodd,as a high ranking member of the Communist Party of the USA, said they infiltrated the seminaries of the Church with over 1100 communist agents. Could it be that many of these men have since become bishops and even cardinals? Could be.

    • As far as I know, Colonel, she never actually divulged the names of any of them. At least of those she personally knew about.

      That strikes me as very odd, indeed. More so since she would be obligated to notify the pope since the matter was a grave threat to the entire Church. And since Pius XII was an ardent anticommunist, she would have received a friendly hearing.

      There is, or was, an online autobio by Dodd.

      It was tediously written and I never got far into it. I wonder if she explained anything about the claim to which you refer?

      • FWIW: It is my understanding that the priest who brought her into the Church, Abp Fulton Sheen, advised her against revealing the names.

        • Whoa! If so, it’s another strike against the Abp.

          The heresy of Americanism is fostered and advanced mainly by a few highly conspicuous and successful American priests, who have made their reputations on their ability to display their own sparkling personalities and good citizenship, while obscuring the Catholic Faith. One such priest is Fulton J. Sheen, who presents us with the spectacle and the scandal of a Catholic bishop, sworn to preach and defend the Faith even to the shedding of his blood, offering to the millions of Americans who see him on television, a “non-sectarian” program. Bishop Sheen never indicates that he is worried about, or even interested in, the eternal salvation of his audience; nor does he ever tell them anything that they would need to know in order to achieve that salvation.

          And more:

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