Please pray for baby Gabriel: Emergency heart surgery



[ Prayer request from a dear traditional friend… ]

“2 week old little tyke needs our prayers in a huge way. He was born with an aortic aneurysm (in two places), was evac’d to Children Hospital in Seattle last week (his doc one of only two in the country who do surgeries on this kind of defect), they can’t delay the surgery any longer so tomorrow at 8:00am he’s undergoing a difficult surgical procedure. It’ll take 2-4 hours depending what they encounter, to repair what they can.

He was having heart racing issues today, praying he can be strong enough  to get through the night and survive the surgery.

He’s the son of the niece of the nun at my chapel.

Thank you friends, may God reward each of you.

God bless,”

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10 comments on “Please pray for baby Gabriel: Emergency heart surgery

  1. Prayers for baby Gabriel’s health and his successful surgery.
    I have just finished prayers for the dying for Reg. W., a parishioner at my parish for any who in charity can spare a prayer for him. He’s a former Marist Brother and teacher. (He got caught in VII and its aftermath, but he thankfully found Tradition and has been a staunch advocated for it and defender of it since. Thank you.

  2. Prayers for baby Gabriel’s health and successful surgery.

  3. Prayers. Did they baptize Gabe?

  4. Thank you, my friends.

    I will update with whatever I learn later today.

  5. St. Gabriel, the Archangel, intercede with Our Divine Lord that He may heal this innocent child who carries your name and give solace and comfort to his parents.

  6. For Gabriel…prayers for him and his doctors. And for those who love him most…his mommy and daddy.
    My preemie grandson spent over 2 months at Seattle just recently. Pretty great doctors.

  7. Update @ 5:21 PM (Pacific) 4 Nov 16

    Surgery went better than expected but the li’l tyke needs to be very closely monitored.  There may be more surgery needed, soon, dependent on how Gabriel responds after today’s operation.

  8. That is good news about Gabriel. Prayers continuing for him and his family.
    Reg Wilton passed away this evening (First Saturday!). RIP.

  9. Prayer for the repose of your friend, AT.

    And thanks for your prayer for li’l Gabriel. Sometimes, the most dangerous open heart surgery cases end up with extraordinarily healthy young adults. Oremus.

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