Anthony Esolen facing pressure at Catholic college for criticism of ‘perversity through diversity’ agenda

Anthony Esolen facing pressure at “Catholic” college for criticism of ‘[perversity through] diversity’ agenda

[Another “Catholic” college (formerly recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society) crosses over to the dark side]

Catholic World News – November 02, 2016

Anthony Esolen, the noted author and literature scholar, is under heavy pressure at Providence College because of his outspoken defense of the school’s traditional “Western Civilization” curriculum and his rejection of calls for greater “diversity” in academic approach.

Esolen’s essays have drawn public criticism from the president of the “Catholic” college [a priest of the college’s founding/sponsoring Dominican order], and a group of faculty members have signed a statement—cleared aimed at Esolen—decrying “recent publications on the part of PC faculty have involved racist, xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic, and religiously chauvinist statements.”

In an interview with the American Conservative, Esolen responds at length, pointing out:

The dirty not-so-secret is that the same people who for many years have loathed our Development of Western Civilization program — the focus of curricular hostility — also despise the Catholic Church and wish to render the Catholic identity of the college merely nominal.

Reference: Tony Esolen Contra Mundum (American Conservative)

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5 comments on “Anthony Esolen facing pressure at Catholic college for criticism of ‘perversity through diversity’ agenda

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  3. In the American Conservative article, Anthony Esolen wrote this in his own defense:
    “I also asked him to relay to our chief Diversity Officer my offer of a year ago, to start up a film series centered on themes of injustice and prejudice; one of the movies I specifically mentioned to him and to the Officer was the devastating One Potato Two Potato, about an interracial marriage.”
    However, I’ve also read elsewhere Mr. Esolen affirm that it is not unreasonable for parents to expect that their grandchildren will look somewhat like themselves, and have cultural values that are somewhat similar to their own.
    I don’t think that interracial marriages should be illegal in any way, but I do think there is some merit to encouraging young people to date and court somewhat within their own cultural background. On the other hand, the heavy emphasis on assertiveness training for American women, I believe, has had a deleterious effect on marriage, and has made some American men look to other cultures for potential wives.
    I suppose the Diversity Officer would judge me to both a racist and a sexist…

  4. It is an issue that has to be addressed. How can a Catholic college survive as Catholic if it hires for its faculty those who oppose Catholic teaching?

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